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H a r r y.

"Ms. Jameson, what do we say?" Harry asks deeply. He gives her a warning look and an apology flashes across her eyes immediately.

"I'm sorry. Thank you, sir. Dinner was wonderful," she mumbled sweetly to Louis.

Louis knew how Harry and Bay worked. She had no where to go and Harry had accepted her the minute he seen her doll-like features. She was beautiful, there was no denying it, but Harry had trained her too well.

"Now, off to bed darling. Daddy will be up in a minute to put you to bed," he instructs. She kisses his cheek, thanking him ever-so-sweetly.

As she climbed up the staircase behind the men, Harry's arm slung around Louis' shoulders. "I must say, dinner was nice. You're welcome to stay until morning if you'd like, Lou," he announces proudly.

Louis chuckles, raising his hands up slightly. "I see you have your hands full with Ms. Bay. She's improved, you know," he pauses slightly, "Harry? Aren't you afraid that someday she'll wake up and realize how fucked up her life really is?"

Harry drops his arm, entire mood faltering. "Louis, she knows. She's thankful. Without me she'd be on the streets helpless. I'm her savior," he reassures as they walk towards the front door of the house.

"Thanks for letting me cook for you guys. Even if you are fucked up, I love you and your little family that has been created," Louis mutters before grabbing the doorknob.

"Thanks, Lou. I'm always here. Drive safe," Harry replies, watching Louis leave. He sighs to himself, turning around to head towards the stairs.

Once upstairs he hears giggling in Bay's room. She's supposed to be in bed. He enters the room, tall figure hushing the girls giggle. "Why aren't you in bed, Bay?" He asks, glancing down at the source of the her amusement.

"I'm sorry, Daddy. Minnie wasn't ready for bed just yet," she whispers ashamed, petting down the cats back.

"You went against Daddy's orders for fun?" He asks. She opens her mouth, raising a finger also. He cuts her off, "Your punishment is tomorrow at seven. I'll be home at six-thirty. Be ready or it'll only make things worse for you."

She nods, shooing the cat away and slipping under her comforter. He hair sprawls out onto her pillow and she turns her head to look at Harry. "Can I get a goodnight kiss, Daddy?"


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Question: Who's ready for Harry's wrath?

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