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H a r r y.

"What's the name of the film you want to see?" Harry asks. Her eyes light up and she takes his left hand into both of hers. She lands a sweet kiss on his cheek. "Bay," he warns. He doesn't need distraction, he needs to hurry with her to the film if they're going because he has to work late tonight.

"It's Fifty Shades of Grey, Daddy."

Harry frowns, immediately shaking from her grip. "What did you say?" He growls. Her expression falters and she takes a step back, stunned at his sudden anger.

"Harry," she whispers lowly. She tries to reach out to him but he smacks her hand away. He knows Bay only calls him Harry on certain occasions. Only if she's saying something important or needs something important.

"You said you read- Bay, who the fuck gave you that book?" He hisses. She shakes her head, backing away from him. "You shouldn't want to watch such a dirty film! You knew this would make me mad," he accuses.

"Daddy, no please-"

"Bay, don't lie to me. Tell me who gave you that book," he demands.

"Harry, I swear he only meant good-"

"He?" Harry screams. He grabs her quickly, throwing her onto the bed on her hands and knees.

"No, no, please- Harry, let me explain," she begs. He lifts her skirt eyeing the already red skin of her right cheek.

"Tell me who the fuck it is, Bay, or you'll have the worst punishment of your entire life," he warns angrily.

She already knows she's in deep shit, but she doesn't want to cost someone's job. "Harry, promise me you won't fire them," she begs.

"Tell me, Bay!"

"Okay, Okay- I-It was the gardener, Zayn."


I feel like this is a really long chapter compared to the others. Any thoughts on what happens next?

Question: how hot is Harry when he's angry?

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