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H a r r y.

He enjoyed it too much. There was just something about the sight of his Bay leaned over the fluffy mattress with a red ass that pushed him over edge. She was so beautiful and so innocently mean.

She didn't understand what she'd done wrong. So, when she received twenty slaps on the ass to her already hurt bum as a punishment, she thought it would finally be over.

Boy, was she wrong. Once he was done with the spanking, he proceeded to fuck her senseless. Even though she was broken-hearted she loved every second of it. It also made her feel a little relieved that Harry would even bother with her.

When was done fucking her he stood her up carefully as if she'd break. He fully dressed her, then himself. He took her hand into his gently, leading her to that room.

Tears immediately brimmed her eyelids. "No, Harry, please. Don't make me go, haven't I received enough punishment?" She asked. Her expression was desperate as she looked at him. But he didn't care, she'd learn her lesson even if it had to be the hard way.

He drug her into the isolation room, setting her on the bed. "You will be in isolation for the rest of the day and most of tomorrow. You will be released at six when I get home. The maids will bring your food up for dinner," he explained.

"And, Bay," he paused, "I love you."

"I love you too, Daddy," she whispers as he shuts the door. She knew whatever she'd done was bad. But she didn't understand why. She had only been in isolation one time. That was when she first arrived.

Harry loved her the minute he saw her, but for her it was the opposite. She hated him, even if he did take her in. She didn't follow any rules and broke most of them just to piss him off.

Once he made it clear he was in charge and she would receive punishments both sexual and non-sexual, she submitted almost immediately. She knew she found him attractive but her stubborn nature and his arrogant one didn't mix too well. Eventually her attitude faded and she fell into somewhat of a relationship or family with him.

Harry sighed knowing how vulnerable Bay would be tomorrow when he got home. He hated the isolation as bad as she did. But she couldn't get mad at him for firing an unneeded worker. He wanders how long Bay had went behind his back with Zayn.

He pushes the thought to the back of his mind and made his way to his room, preparing himself for bed. Bay knew better than to leave the isolation room. That meant that she wouldn't sneak into Harry's bed throughout the night like usual.

Both of them had trouble sleeping that night.


Updateddddd. And this one was pretty long, yeah?

Question: what is Bay's background?

I know you want to know!

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