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H a r r y.

He walks in to see Bay waiting for him nervously. He could tell just how anxious she was by the way her finger twiddled around themselves. She was in a very cute lingerie and Harry would be lying if he didn't say she looks absolutely stunning.

He took her by the waist, his eyes never leaving hers. There was a moment of pure joy erupting between the two. They were having an intense moment and Bay wanted nothing more than to kiss his pretty pink lips, but Harry had other things in mind. "You know the drill," he mumbles, turning her around and bending her over the bed.

She stuck her butt out purposely, trying to please Harry in anyway possible. He bit his lip roughly, letting a large hand tickle down her spine gently. He wanted nothing more than to wreck her. She looks so beautiful and sexy.

He pulls down her lace panties and pushes up the lace, dress-like material further up her back. He would never tire of her beautiful body. Revealing it to himself slowly would never get old, Bay would never get old.

His large hand leaves a firm hand print on her right cheek without a warning. She cries out, trying her best to hold it in and be good like Harry wants. He continues the action several times and Bays so blissed out that she loses count.

By the time his starting on the other side tears are streaming down her cheeks but she's not sure if she's crying from the pain or the fact that she wants this so badly. He continues his harsh actions on her left cheek also, her fingers squeezing the fabric of his comforter so tight she can't even feel them.

It didn't take Harry long to notice that she was dripping wet from the intense situation. This only causes him to take it out ten times harder on her because she likes it, and he knows that.

Once he's done, it takes every ounce of sanity that's left to pull up her panties and cover her beautiful body. He wants nothing more than to touch her, please her. He refuses to give her false hope, though. She has to earn these things.

He stands her up, turning her to face him. He caresses her face as he wipes the tears away with his thumbs. "My beautiful, Bay," he breathes without even thinking twice. He kisses her forehead softly.

She smiles to herself until he pulls away to look at her again. "Get dressed and come downstairs. I made us snacks," he tells her. She nods as subtly as possible because he's watching her intensely. He begins walking away but Bay strips off the lingerie just as he reaches the door way and turns to face her. He watches her darkly as every piece of clothing drops into the floor. Her nipples are hard and her entire core and the middle of her thighs are drenched in her own lust.

She notices the exact outline of Harry's dick in his pants. She sashays over Harry's closet, pulling out one of his dress shirts and buttoning it up slowly over her naked body. It's white and is quite large on her. Normally, he'd scold her and tell her to put it back, but she looks so sexy he just wants to tear her apart and ruin her. She leaves the top button popped open and it reals a nice amount of cleavage.

Harry then turns, walking downstairs to retrieve their midnight snack he had made earlier. He made them Nutella sandwiches and strawberry smoothies because he knew those were Bay's favorites. When he enters their living room she's not there. He sets up the Netflix and puts their food on the small table in front of the sectional couch. He turns off all of the lights up until he gets to his office.

He sees that Bay has took it upon herself to remove the sign and place it his desk. She steps out of the office, noticing Harry. "I--" she begins, but decides to stop when she sees Harry's face. She forces a small smile onto her face.

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