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B a y.

Harry was still at work, giving her time to release all the nasty thoughts about him at the moment in her head.

She was so angry with him. As she looked over the garden her heart ached with the thoughts of Zayn. He was innocent, this was all her fault. But she had to drop the subject before Harry arrived. It would only get her into more trouble.

She sighs, grabbing a girl's arm, "Pick some flowers for Harry, please?" The woman smiles at her instantly, nodding. She returns the smile before wandering back into the house. He should be here.

She goes upstairs to Harry's room and lays down on the bed. She stares up at the ceiling until he arrives. His boots click on the stairs and she can hear him calling her name. She quickly clicks on the TV as an excuse.

He enters the room with a scowl on his face. "Hi, Daddy," she mutters innocently, looking back at the TV.

"Why didn't you come to me when I asked for you?"

"I didn't hear you," she replies, gesturing towards the television. "I'm sorry."

He runs a hand through his hair frustratedly. He presses the power button on the TV. "Maybe you shouldn't watch so much damn television."

She rolls over onto her stomach, sundress hitching up slightly to reveal the back of her upper thigh. "Can we do something fun today?" She asks, watching as he strips out of his work clothes.

"No," he replies hatefully. "You can make me dinner later. That's fun."

"No it's not," she pouts, standing up. She walks over to Harry and wraps her arms around his slender waist.

"I spoil you too much. You're supposed to be a submissive, Bay. You know, don't talk unless spoken to, do as I say. That kind of thing."

"But I was spoken to, Daddy," she replies innocently. He rolls his eyes pulling her off of him.

"I know what you're doing, I'm not a fool," he spits. He watches her sit on the bed with a pouty expression. "You're not going to trick me, Bay."

"I'm not, I just wanted to-"

"Enough. Go start dinner right now. I'm not in the mood," he demands.

The small girl stands, cheeks red from embarrassment. Harry was mean, but she'd get him back eventually.

Once she began cooking, she'd settled for Harry's least favorite meal, pasta. He came down stairs and into the kitchen just as she finished. She put the meal in his favorite bowl and placed it in front of him.

"Thank you, Bay. Where's yours?" He asks, glancing up at her.

She doesn't reply. Instead she just grabs a fork from the silverware and plops it into his bowl. "You are very welcome," she says, smiling and patting his head.

She could practically see steam blowing from his ears as he cheeks turn pink. High temper was always his flaw. She didn't care much for it though, simply walked away.

Her journey led upstairs and back into Harry's room. She lay down on his bed, staring at the ceiling for a moment before deciding to shower.

Once the hot water was running and her clothes were removed, she climbs in. The water was warm against her skin and it made her want to purr. As she applies shampoo into her hair she hears the door open. A frustrated look took over her features but she began humming a happy tune to keep Harry doubting.

Moments later, Harry was in the shower with her. He finishes washing her hair. She knew he loved taking showers with her. It was one of his weaknesses.

"Bay, care to explain why you locked the door?" He asks in a nice tone. They both knew it wouldn't last.

She shrugs, "Didn't want to be bothered."

He didn't reply. She smiles to herself and turns away from him as he tries evening out his breath. He's never happy. He turns her body back towards him, looking down at her with angry eyes.

"I don't know what you're getting at, but you won't get away with it," he practically growls.

The frown was evident on her face but he didn't care anymore. He pressed his lips against hers eagerly. She didn't fight him, instead she kisses back. His fingers rest on her skin in trading ways. He presses her back to the cold tile.

She whines into his mouth, arching her back slightly. He didn't care though. He lifts her entire body up, legs instantly wrapping around him. He pulls away for a brief moment to appreciate her entire body against him.

Slowly, his eyes trail up to hers and without warning he thrusts into her harshly. She cries out, digging her nails into his shoulder blade. He smiles triumphantly, thrusting in and out harshly, the sounds emitting from her were pleasing enough to push him over the edge.

Her mouth latches on to his neck like leach. She's trying every way to stay quiet but the pleasure is unbearable. He isn't pleased by this. He wants to hear her moan his name and beg for him. He pulls her off of his neck, sliding out of her before setting her on her feet.

He sits on the ledge in the corner of the shower, yanking her to him. He pulls her onto his lap and sits her on top of him. She whines quietly, not daring to look him in the eye. He thrusts in and out while grabbing a handful of hair and tugging it back. She's forced to look at him as he has his way with her.

"Say my name, princess," he says lowly.

She cries out, squeezing her eyes shut, "Daddy, please."

He releases a low growl before coming in her harshly. Her walls clench around him. He lets her head fall to the crook of his neck. Without another word, they clean up and head to bed.


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