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B a y.

After many, many minutes of banter and argument, Harry had finally agreed to let Bay wear her new dress that she'd been dying to go out in. It was short and black with a small opening on her back revealing her skin. Harry was furious when he saw it, but after promising to make him happy after dinner and reminding him that she would be on his arm, he gave in.

When they arrived to a nice little restaurant Harry had never taken her, they found their own little table that was kind of secluded. Bay couldn't stop staring at the other tables that were full of people. All these faces caught her attention. She barely pays Harry any attention at all, the chatter and clinking around her filling her senses.

"Bay," Harry practically barks. Her head whips towards him, her eyes large and innocent. "Stop staring and look through your menu," he instructs.

She nods, blushing slightly. Even though her eyes wander over every person in sight, she didn't seem to notice everyone staring back at her. She was stunning in her dress. Harry wasn't a fool. He could see the lingering stares and he was furious with Bay and himself for letting her convince him with that dress.

Her eyes skim through the menu, though she really doesn't know what to get. Distractions were constantly there. Bay was rarely out of the house and when Harry took her anywhere she seemed to be in a daze. All she wants to do is take everything in. All of the people and their conversations, the pretty decor and the streets just outside the window.

"Bay, I asked you a question," Harry fumes. She looks up at him innocently, taking in his flustered state.

Just at that moment their waiter walks up, dressed in black slacks and a white button up. Bay and Harry both are speechless as he arrives. Bay practically stares while he asks them their order. Harry begins to tell the man his order when Bay cuts him off, "Zayn?"

He gives her a small smile, "Hi, Bay."


"Bay, give him your order and leave him alone. He's working," Harry hisses.

She looks at Harry, guilt taking over her thoughts. "Oh, right. Uhm, I guess I'll have a glass of wine-- whatever Harry's having," she mumbles, staring at her fumbling fingers.

Harry completes his order waving Zayn away. She watches him go in pure sadness before looking back down to her hands. "Stop it," Harry says sternly.

She looks up at him, "Stop what?"

He glares at her slightly, trying not to seem as angry as he is. "You're pouting. I won't tolerate it. Appreciate what you have," he replies.

She knows he's right. She should be happy with what she has. He's done so much for her. Could you blame her though? He's the only friend she's ever had, besides Harry. She found it harmless, though she didn't see it the way Harry did.

Harry seen Zayn as a threat. Bay was his and he didn't want her befriending anyone else, especially Zayn. He was madly in love with Bay and he couldn't stand the thought of losing her to a gardener.

When Zayn brought their drinks and took their food orders she thanked him, and that only angered Harry more. "Why are you being so nice to him?" He asks.

She cocks her head slightly, "Harry, you're supposed to be nice to everyone. It's called manners."

He glares at her for a good moment or two before she rolls her eyes, looking back at all of the other tables. "Did you just roll your eyes at me?" He hisses.

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