First Christmas With Bay (extra scene)

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(Just a small note; this is not present time. This was when Bay was first taken in. She had bad feelings for Harry and she didn't like him at all. Plus it's extra super long.)

H a r r y.

All of the presents were wrapped under the tree. I haven't had anyone to spend Christmas with in years. I was beyond excited. I know that Bay hasn't taken well accustom to me. In my eyes she should be thankful. I helped her when no one else would.

Since I want to make her feel more at home, I bought her tons of gifts to spoil her. I hope she'll be happy with it. With me.

"Harry?" She asks quietly behind me.

I turn away from the tree to face her. "Yes, darling?"

Her face twists at the pet name, which it does most of the time. "I got you a gift. I don't know if you'll like it. I felt sort of guilty since all of those presents are for me," she hands me a small gift, before gesturing to the tree.

I couldn't stop the smile on my face, "Bay you shouldn't have. I'll open it later when you open yours." I kiss her on the head, and this time she didn't shy away. "The food will be ready in a minute go relax and watch television," I tell her.

I place my present by hers. We part ways, I go into the kitchen. I check up with the cook to see how she's doing. The food is almost prepared and I can't wait. I can't wait to see Bay's face when she sees her gifts. I can't wait to open my gift from her.

Suddenly, my chest hurts and my stomach rolls. What if her present isn't sincere. What if it's a joke or something stupid to make fun of me. Surely she wouldn't be that cruel on Christmas.

Then my mind thinks back to all of the cruel things she'd done to me since she'd arrived. Breaking my things on 'accident', trashing the house while I'm at work, stealing all of my cleaning products before I get in the shower. These are all bad things. These are things she should've been punished for but I chose not to.

I've been good to her, I have. She can't deny it. If one more thing goes wrong, I'm punishing her in a way she deserves.


I sat down right next to her at the table. We began eating in silence. It wasn't awkward, but there was a certain tension in the air. I felt like she was up to something. I didn't know if it was the gift she had got me or something else.

"Are you excited to open your gifts?" I ask.

She nods quietly, "Did you make this food?"

"No, no, ito was one of the maids."

She smiles, "Should've knew. You probably couldn't cook, never learnt how. You're too pampered."

I frown, "That's not true. I can cook. Very well, actually."

She doesn't even glance at me as she nods her head sarcastically. I try not to let this anger me but it's difficult. I only want her to accept me. I've tried so hard to make this Christmas, her home, perfect for her. "I think I'm done," she mutters, standing up.

I look at her plate. "You've hardly eaten, sit down," I say, glancing up at her.

She rolls her eyes, "I said I'm done. I'm not eating it."

A scowl breaks into my face. "And, I said you're not done. Now sit down and eat, Bay," I growl angrily.

She huffs, dropping into the chair. I watch her angrily as she crosses her arms and doesn't make a move to touch her plate.

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