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(I thought the last chapter was pretty long but I looked over it again and it really wasn't so double update!)

H a r r y.

He watches the small girl walk with a slight skip in her step from the pain in her bum. He smirks to himself, ego boosting. She wanders off to the garden.

Harry's smirk falters slightly, but soon recovers. Within seconds the girl is back in the house and glaring up at Harry. He stands on the second floor still, looking over the railing at her. His same signature smirk rests on his face as he watches the younger girl struggle to hold her tears back. He had fired Zayn, probably being too harsh without giving him reason.

"I hate you," she mumbles. It's quiet enough in the house for Harry to just catch onto each word. His smirk falls. She scurries off quickly, knowing what's to come.


He knew she was in her hiding spot. He could hear the sniffling from down the hall as she tried her best to stay quiet in fear of being caught. Harry knew this was her place when bad things happened. Which they rarely did to her.

Back when Bay first moved in, it was emotional for her. Plus Harry's dominant nature didn't help. So when he followed the sniffling, he knew he'd have to leave her there and wait her out. She simply had no where else to go.

A few moments later the girl exited the small room, only to walk in a radius of two feet before being snatched up in Harry's arms. She squealed, pleas and begs falling from her lips the moment he made contact with her body.

He held her entire frame at his side like she was school books. Her short, slender legs kicked at his backside, her fists punching the front of his legs. "Bay," Harry barked.

Her cries only got louder and her hits only got harder, though Harry could take a blow. Then, as if it hit her mind like a ton of bricks, she ceased for a moment. Harry glanced down quickly, knowing the silence meant no good. "Bay, I don't know wha-"

Her small fist connected with his groin lightly, making sure not to actually injure him. He releases her quickly, dropping to his knees and cradling himself.

Oh, was Bay ever in trouble now.

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