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H a r r y.

They walk hand in hand throughout the mall, Bay browsing through certain clothing stores. They had become closer and closer and whether Harry like it or not Bay was still spoiled. He spoiled her constantly and no matter what had happened these past few months they had drawn closer.

After the whole Zayn thing blew over Harry had taken a very large step ahead just for Bay. He had invited Louis Tomlinson and his submissive over, they agreed to letting the two befriend one another and the two girls absolutely loved one another. They both needed someone.

Harry had bought her a new phone just so she could communicate with the girl, although his suspicions were highly raised with the new technology. He was worried but he knew Bay loved him. She'd be crazy to think he'd let her go after all of these years. He checks the phone almost daily.

As they enter Forever 21, the two pass a very familiar face. Bay keeps her head down, trying her best to prove to Harry that she's moved on. They pass him, his chocolate eyes never leaving Bay's face. Harry has an arm wrapped around her shoulders protectively, trying his best (for Bay's sake) to keep the smug smirk off of his face.

She clears her throat once they're fully in the store, picking up a t-shirt and examining it. "So, we're meeting up with Lou- I mean, uhm, Mr. Tomlinson and Constance?" She asks with pink cheeks.

Harry smiles, bending down to nuzzle his nose into her hair. He hums in a reply, closing his eyes tightly. He was happy. She was happy. It was like the old days just with a little bit more of happiness.


The two girls giggled at one another on the other side of the food court. Harry and Louis eyed them suspiciously. "What could they possibly find so funny?" Louis asks.

Harry shrugs a bit. "At least they're happy," he mumbles.

"You don't hide it very well." Just as Harry's about to ask Louis what he means, he continues, "I know she's a handful, Harry. Why don't you just find another?" Louis isn't being rude. He's just a hundred percent curious.

"I love her. I'll admit, she is a little spoiled. That's not anyones fault but mine. She's a little different, but knows when and how to act right. She's perfect," he replies and he can't keep the goofy grin off of his face.

After the girls return with everyone's food, they all begin eating. They share whispers between each other, Bay catching Harry's eye every time she whispered into the other girl's ear. Harry can see Louis glaring at his submissive with suspicion, although Harry's not sure what they're talking about. He's absolutely sure it's harmless little laughs.

Suddenly, Harry feels a small socked foot, sliding up his clothed leg. He knows it's Bay by the playful glint in her eyes. She continues nibbling on her food, foot reaching Harry's left upper thigh. He knows what she's getting at but its too public. She's never done such a thing in public.

Once her foot reaches Harry's crotch, he's praying to God that Constance and Louis don't know. He scoots his body closer to the table, trying to hide as much of his crotch as he can under the cheap tablecloth.

"Bay, I'm going to use the restroom, you need to come?" He asks as subtly as possible.

She shakes her, "I think I'm okay."

Harry wants to pick her up drag her or practically strangle her right there. "C'mon," he grumbles. "You need to try before we start shopping again."

He stands up, straightening out his clothes before taking her hand. She smiles innocently to herself, following Harry throughout the mall and towards a restroom.

Harry practically shoves her into a family restroom, following soon after. He locks the door and turns around to face Bay. He points an accusing finger at her, "You know better, Bay."

She smiles, stepping closer to him. She fists his shirt slightly, leaning into him. "No," he demands. She only giggles up at him in reply. "First of all, I told you not to wear those shorts, look at those. You're being punished for that later. Secondly, you are not humiliating me in public. You're going to act like the good submissive you're supposed to be," he practically says in one breath.

She laughs again, this time only to piss him off. "Bend your spoiled ass over that sink right now," he demands. The small smile on her face falters slightly. The bathroom was clean and nice, but Bay couldn't believe Harry would do something like this to her in a public bathroom. "Now, Bay."

"But, Daddy," she whines. He gives her a mean look and she pouts slightly, bending over the sink. He takes hold of the tiny shorts she's wearing and practically rips them off because he didn't want them there in the first place.

"I think your behavior is getting a little out of hand, yeah?" He asks. She doesn't reply, though. Instead she squeezes her eyes shut waiting for some type of punishment. All she gets, though, is two slender fingers in her mouth. She opens her eyes as she sucks, looking at Harry through the mirror.

All her cleavage is showing through the mirror because her lame excuse for a shirt was falling. "God, when I get you home you are in so much trouble," he mumbles, removing his fingers from her mouth. "Now, you have to be quiet or others will hear, understand?" He asks as he slides her panties to the side.

She nods approvingly, pushing her butt towards him. He hums, slipping two fingers into her soaking entrance. She bites her lip roughly, trying to stay quiet as promised.

Harry moves his fingers inside of her, the beautiful slick feeling making his member ten times harder than it was before. He thrusts them in and out taking in all the precious little sounds she makes while trying to stay quiet. The feeling of her insides is too much for him. He's overwhelmed when he makes eye contact with her through the mirror, breasts on a full view also.

He removes his fingers, much to her disappointment, and pushes her panties to her ankles with her shorts. He slowly unbuttons and unzips his pants while staring at her through the mirror. She wants to beg and plea for him to hurry up because it's too suspenseful.

Once he pushes his pants and briefs down, he grips her hips, pulling her feet up off of the ground so she was level with his dick. She grips the sink roughly as he slams in her. She tries her best not to cry out. He continues pounding into her relentlessly. Who knew public sex could feel so good?

He felt every inch of her insides on him and it drove him mad. He wanted to wreck her. So he did. His fingers dug into the skin of her hips as he thrusts roughly into her. She can't hold it back anymore, she screams out and arches her back even more.

"Daddy, please," she cries. Harry never breaks eye contact with her through the mirror as he pounds into her.

"Please what?" He asks roughly. His legs are growing tired but he can't get enough. Her body, her warmth, her smell. She's everything he needs to get off. He leans closer to her as he nears his high, taking in her beautiful strawberry scent.

"Please me," she practically screams. He can feel her insides clenching around his hot member and before too long he's coming into her like a madman. Her body falls limp against the sink and Harry slowly sets her feet to the floor.

"What do you say?"

"Thank you for taking care of me, Daddy."



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