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Everyone has a different perspective to life and each person's view of it is different from the other. Some are having and having a great time, the others are having a hard time in their lives. You can also experience both. That is also a possibility.

Embrace life and enjoy every nice moment you have. Before you know it, things will get out of hand. Cherish all the precious events and enjoy each other.

Many people don't do this.

And this is the mistake Jiwoo and Sunghoon made in life. If they had done that, they would have had a perfect wedding day, but now they had quarrels in between.

In the end, it did work out. In the end, they made the choice to indeed cherish the beautiful moments and embrace each other. This is how they make progression in their relationship and in life.

Communicate with each other and don't let each other down for arguments. Learn to talk to each other and understand the other person. Not everyone can talk equally well, so learn to accept that. Get to know each other's feelings and pains so you can take them into consideration.

Shake hands with each other. You cannot carry the world alone. Let each other lead the way. You are not alone, even though it may feel that way sometimes.

Look each other in the eye to have a good conversation and talk it out with each other. Sometimes it is not easy or you are too angry or sad. Eye contact is important, especially in a deep conversation.

This is how the couple got to know and accept each other better. After several arguments, they finally know each other fully. Now they can live a good life.

And as of today, they are planning the wedding day. The couple has made everything right and that only with their two selves.

Don't let yourself get mad at the other and talk to each other. Get to know each other. Only then will you find the way to each other's hearts.

So Sunghoon grabbed her hand and lay down with Jiwoo in the beautiful tall grass atop a knoll near where they lived. Together they looked at the beautiful blue sky with a few white clouds. The sun was shining with a few rays of sunlight between the clouds right on their faces.

"I love it when we lie down together for a while," Sunghoon told her. He turned his head toward Jiwoo, who squeezed her eyes slightly shut by the sun shining straight into her eyes and blinding her.

"I love you," Jiwoo popped that sentence out of her mouth.

Sunghoon's corners of his mouth jumped up slightly, putting a sweet smile on his face. He rubbed his thumb over her hand, slowly causing a red glow to take charge of Jiwoo's cheeks.

"I'm glad we saved our relationship. We did. We are going to get married and be happy. We're moving to a place where no one can find us."

"Your father? He'll find out sooner or later anyway..." Jiwoo wondered. "Jay is obviously working for him. And since Eunji disappeared, I think she has something to do with it, too."

Sunghoon nodded. "We have to be careful. Let's keep the group of people coming to our wedding small. Then there will also be less talk about it and my father probably won't find out."

"Right," Jiwoo agreed. "Who do you want to come anyway?"

"Grandma." That was the first word to come out of Sunghoon's mouth. "I want Grandma to come. She has been my biggest supporter since I was born. She thinks you're a treasure. She has to come anyway."

Jiwoo now looked at Sunghoon as well and smiled. "Sounds good."

The couple giggled and both looked up at the sky again.

"Life can be so beautiful, yet so bad."

"And I've already found the beauty in my life," Sunghoon added. "You."

Jiwoo turned on top of Sunghoon and gave him a kiss on his lips, causing Hoon to slide his lips over hers as well.

Soft and tender, the couple's lips slid over each other. The excitement of love and happiness hung around them like a loving aura.

Sunghoon stroked Jiwoo's hair as she ran her fingers over his neck. Their lips became wetter from each other and the sun shone on the two like a spotlight.

A lovely afternoon.


A/N :: If you're ever struggling with a relationship, remember that there's always a way to make everything up.

Talk to each other or ask for help from your parents/friends etc. Communication is the key to a relationship. Without communication, there isn't any stable relationship.

Everything will be allright. I believe in you guys <3

Wishing you all the best! And remember to cherish the little moments :)

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