Chapter 25

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The smell of fried bacon, eggs and sausage woke Jenna on Christmas Eve morning from a deep slumber. She didn't sleep for very long anymore and was constantly tired.

At 38 weeks, getting comfortable was not much of an option, though Tyler had bought her a pregnancy body pillow and it made quite a difference.

She took a deep breath and rolled onto her back, feeling nostalgic. The best Christmas mornings were the ones when her father was home and not on a deployment. But her mother had always worked very hard to make the Christmases when her father wasn't home as special as she could. Jenna realized that this very well might be her mother's last Christmas. She brushed a lone tear off of her cheek, and slowly began to get up.

As much as she'd like to just lay there for a while longer, her bladder and the smell of bacon wouldn't let her. She slipped her feet in her pink slippers and stood slowly, frowning at the ache in her back.

Jenna had things to do today, and she needed to pace herself if she intended to get them all done. The house had already been decorated weeks ago, and Tyler had been doing most of the gift wrapping. Her mother had gone all out, spoiling her children, husband and her unborn grandchild. Packages had been delivered to the house almost daily, multiple times a day for the last few months, and Jenna had been in charge of keeping the basket of snacks and drinks for their delivery people well stocked.

She grabbed her bathrobe and slipped it on before heading for the bathroom. She was the only one on the second floor that had her own private bathroom and was thankful her brothers had chosen this room for her when they moved in. It was the biggest one on the second level and gave her plenty of room for the baby furniture that had been slowly added over the last several weeks.

Jonah had come home a few days ago on leave for the holidays and had brought the most adorable bassinet for her. He'd set it up yesterday, and it was now ready for his little niece.

Once she was finished in the bathroom, she walked back out and glanced at the small pile of wrapped gifts she had sitting in a corner. She'd have to enlist the help of one of her brothers to help her bring them down later.

She gasped when a contraction hit her and stopped, waiting for it to pass. She'd been getting them on and off for the past few weeks. Her back was aching worse as well. She breathed a little better as the contraction passed, placing her hand over her belly. I have too much to do today for you to be acting up.

Jenna would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous about delivering this baby. Part of her was beyond ready to give birth. She was tired of being so uncomfortable. But the other part of her was very nervous. She really wished she could talk to Talia, or even Elaine. She now regretted that she had gotten the woman's number but the thought had never even crossed her mind when she's been in Texas.

A knock on her bedroom door startled her, and she walked over and opened it, surprised to see Jonah on the other side.

"Hey sis, breakfast is ready." His gaze traveled over her with concern. "You okay?"

Jenna gave him a brief smile and nodded. "I'm alright. Can you carry some of those packages down for me?"

Jonah glanced over at the pile and immediately grabbed a few. "Yup, I'll get them all down there this morning after breakfast."

"I can carry some," Jenna said, trying to grab one out of Jonah's hand.

He held it up over her head. "I've got it Jenna. Can't have you falling down the steps. Tyler would have my head."

Jenna rolled her eyes and followed her brother out of her room. Tyler had become overbearing the last few weeks and Jenna had resisted the urge to throat punch him more than once. She felt sorry for his poor future pregnant wife.

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