Chapter 40

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Charity had been in her office when Risa had knocked on her door. She was ready to throw her laptop out the window in frustration. Alpha Jason was driving her crazy. They were now in a bidding war over the land she wanted to buy. Every time she put in an offer, he put in one. Why must she deal with arrogant self possessed males?

Risa was a welcome distraction. "Hey, I need you to come with me to help Ben with something. It's really urgent. I'll tell you the details on the way there."

Charity had been more than happy for the distraction and closed her laptop, before following Risa down the hall past the other offices. She poked her head in her father's office as she walked by. "We're heading out to help Ben with something. We'll be back later."

Her dad gave her a thumbs up, as he was on a call, and she followed Risa out of the packhouse.

Risa had the keys to one of the pack SUVs, and Charity climbed in the passenger side. "So what's up?" she asked once Risa had started the vehicle.

"Do you know about Jenna?" Risa asked.

Charity looked at the she-wolf in surprise. "I'm surprised you know about her. I just found out the other day."

"I've known her since Christmas, though I didn't have any idea who she was until a few days ago," Risa started.

"Wait, you KNOW her?" Charity asked in shock.

'Small world,' Solara muttered.

"She was Ben's patient. He delivered her baby on Christmas Day and I was with him. Ben and I knew her baby was half-werewolf, but we didn't know if she knew it. Ben's been trying to come up with a way to ask her, but she asked him if he knew Daniel the other day, and then everything just came out," Risa explained.

"Jenna has a baby?" Charity was floored. If her baby was Daniel's, then the heir to the throne had been born.

Risa glanced at her and smiled. "Yes, and she's definitely Daniel's. She looks quite a bit like her aunt."

Charity leaned back in her seat in shock. This child was Daniel's firstborn. His heir and a female at that. She had a niece. "What's her name?"

"Noelle," Risa replied. "She's a doll.  Jenna gave birth in the early hours of Christmas morning at home. Ben delivered her. Then we saw her again about a month ago. Jenna's mother passed away and we visited with her," Risa said.

"She lost her mother?" Charity frowned, trying to keep up with the story. Poor Jenna had been through quite a bit in the last few months.

"She had cancer," Risa said.

Charity was quiet for several moments, lost in thought. After the disaster of a dinner a few nights ago, Jenna now thought Charity was Daniel's girlfriend. She had to fix that. Jenna deserved happiness. And Charity had a new niece to spoil. "So what are we helping Ben with?"

"Jenna's been in New York City the last few days. She came back this afternoon, and someone had broken into her home. She lives with her father and two of her brothers. They found her father unconscious and Noelle, whom Jenna had left with her father, was gone. Someone kidnapped her," Risa explained.

"What? Someone kidnapped her?" Charity's mind began to race. "Someone has to know who Noelle is. Does Daniel even know?"

"I don't know. I don't think he does, but I'm not sure," Risa said as they pulled up to the clinic. "It's a complicated mess."

Ben was already waiting outside as Risa had linked him when she was close. He climbed into the SUV with his medical bag in hand.

"Has Daniel's plane landed yet?" He asked by way of greeting.

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