Chapter 10

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"Dad's retiring."

Michael's words snapped Jenna out of her heartache, and she stared at her brother in shock. "What?" 

"It's true," Tyler said, his grip on the steering wheel now relaxed as they sped down the highway. New York City was finally behind them.


"Two months from now," Michael said. "That's why they bought the house in Pennsylvania."

That made sense, though Jenna was having a hard time believing her dad was retiring. The Corps was in his soul and she’d always thought they’d have to bury him while he was still active duty.  It had to be something major for her father to even consider stepping away from what he loved so much.  "Because of Mom?"

Neither brother responded, giving Jenna the answer she needed.  Family was the only thing her father loved more than the Corps, and her mother was the love of his life, his soul mate. 

"You'll like the house in Pennsylvania," Michael smiled at her, but Jenna noticed the sadness in his eyes. She’d seen the same sadness in Tyler’s eyes she realized.  She felt another pang in her heart, and was suddenly very glad she was going home.  

The chatter in the truck turned happy after that as her brothers teased her affectionately.

"So any boyfriends left behind in New York?" Tyler asked her with a smile. 

Yes. "Nope. I didn't have a lot of time for men," she said.  Of course they would bring that up.  She really hadn’t been serious about anyone ever, and her brothers enjoyed harassing her about it.

“Did you ever go to any clubs?" Michael asked curiously, looking up from his phone.

"As a matter of fact, I went to one last night," Jenna smiled, her thoughts returning to Daniel, and the moment their eyes met across the club.  It had been such a magical moment.  And then he'd come to her rescue. Her knight in shining armor.

"Did you hook up with anyone?" Tyler asked, his eyes still on the road.

Jenna turned red as thoughts of Daniel's hands on her body invaded her mind. You’re mine, Jenna.

"She did! She hooked up!" Michael shouted, watching his sister’s face.

Tyler glanced at her and laughed. "One night stand?"

She sighed and both of her brothers started laughing hysterically.

"You have to tell us, Jenna," Tyler urged.

"I'm not going to kiss and tell," Jenna stared at her brother in mock horror.

"At least tell us something," Michael begged, still laughing.

Jenna groaned. "I met him at the club last night. We hooked up afterwards. At a hotel." 

"By yourself?" Tyler asked, a bit concerned.

"Did he bail on you after?" Michael asked. 

"No. I bailed on him," Jenna said, wondering if she would regret it for the rest of her life. 

"WHAT?" Both of her brothers shouted at the same time. 

"I wasn't alone. Talia was with me. We went to the club together and both hooked up with two guys that were friends. Taliah knew her date though. But she decided not to.. hook up, and we left," Jenna vaguely explained. 

"Whoa! I can't believe you did that," Michael laughed hysterically as he looked back down at his phone.  

Jenna glanced at Tyler and saw him scrutinizing her. He met her gaze briefly, then looked back at the road. 

"It was a nice hotel," she told Michael.

"How nice?" He looked back at her with interest. Micahel loved New York City, or so he said.  Jenna thought he just loved Talia and the fact that she was in the City.  

"Penthouse suite overlooking New York City," she smiled, remembering Daniel's arms around her, the city of New York at their feet. 

"So you hooked up with a rich guy?" Tyler asked curiously. 

Jenna frowned. "I don't know. I'm not sure who paid for the hotel room. It was already rented out when we got there, and there were eight of us total." 

She supposed the Beta could have paid for it, but he would live in the city. Had they got it specifically for Daniel? Was he that important of a guest? Or had it just been because they knew they would be bringing women back with them after a night of partying? 

Jenna hated to think that Daniel might hook up like that on a regular basis. You're mine, Jenna. Did he say that to all the women he hooked up with? Jealousy rushed through her hard and she fisted her hands.  

The hotel had been one of the most expensive in New York, though. There were cheaper ones they could have brought dates too. She sighed, and saw Tyler glance at her again.  “We didn’t really talk much.  I don’t even know his last name.”

“Any regrets?”  Michael teased.

She gave him a big smile. Yes. I never should have left. “Nope.  Can we stop for food? I missed breakfast."

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