Chapter 21

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

It was quite interesting to watch Zelene try to help me with my work. I may have ended up watching her more than reading up on Sebestian's reviews but I couldn't help it. I often found it interesting to watch my many advisors try to acclimate to my study.

It was quite clear that Zelene wasn't new to organizing things. She had her own little desk in my study, one that was quickly rearranged now that it was hers. She had even brought her own decorations to put on it. I glance down at my desk, noticing how there was nothing but papers and writing supplies on it.

"Lady Lorenhale is here, your majesty," Zelene says, interrupting my thoughts. I straighten up, surprised that I had gotten so lost in my thoughts. I usually never got lost in my thoughts, not when I had stuff to do at least.

I keep my back straight as Lady Lorenhale enters the room, offering a polite smile to Lady Lorenhale as she curtsies to me. I glance at one of the many wristwatches she has on, seeing that she was right on time. She was never early, never late. It was kind of refreshing to be honest, she was the only noble that was consistent.

"Lady Lorenhale, I assume that you're here to continue our conversation from last time," I say as I tap my foot on the ground slightly, already anxious for the coming conversation. Lady Lorenhale could be quite fierce when it came to her arguments.

"Of course it is dear," Lady Lorenhale says as she sits down. I'm quite surprised that the slightest movement didn't turn her into dust. I mean the woman was ancient. She has been around since my grandparents ruled. No one will tell me how old she is exactly because you never ask a lady how old they are or some crap like that. All I know is she is super old.

"I must tell you again then that I can not make it a law that it is illegal to be late to something. Your arguments simply encourage no merit for establishing said law. Not to mention that it would hardly be enforced. Why then, should I make a law that I know people won't follow?" I question her, raising an eyebrow.

"Because I have requested it of you... isn't that enough? Besides, you could say the same thing about most laws," Lady Lorenhale says, making me nod my head in agreement. She had a point, a weak one but still a point.

"I thought laws were put in place for the populace to better improve their lives? Why then should being late be a crime? What about being on time would make their lives better?" I question as I raise an eyebrow.

"Because it is a waste of time. Something that is criminal! Nothing is more important than time," Lady Lorenhale states, making me roll my eyes at her words. I manage to hide it by acting like I'm just glancing at Zelene. She raises an eyebrow when she sees me looking at her.

"I am afraid that wasting time is not and can not be a crime. I can not make such a trivial thing a crime. I have told you that before, I am telling you that again," I repeat for what is probably the 100th time. Although that thought makes me actually want to sit there and count how many times I had denied her.

I slip my hands under my desk, starting to count in my head while glancing down at my fingers at the same time to keep track of all the times she's come into my office. There has to be like... at least 20 times. Maybe I would have to ask Zelene for help. That sounded like a good idea, I would definitely do that later. We have to have records of all the times I've had a meeting with her.

"Why not? Wasting time and resources should be the most extreme of crimes" Lady Lorenhale states, making me roll my eyes slightly. Of course she would say that. She was obsessed with time for some reason after all. No one knew why, not even my mother who has known the woman forever. And that wasn't even an exaggeration. She has basically known Lady Lorenhale ever since she was born.

"Because it's unenforceable. Their schedule is their schedule. They are free to spend their time doing whatever they want. They wouldn't listen unless I fined people huge amounts or sent them to jail which is not worth it honestly. It would just upset the citizens and just cause huge backlash. Something that reflects negatively on me and not you," I state as I cross one leg over another while sitting back in my chair slightly to look at her with a raised eyebrow.

"I would fund you enforcing it," Lady Lorenhale offers, making me shake my head slightly.

"And that would make me look even worse... in the people's eyes, at least. It would look like I am taking bribes from you to make the laws that you want me to. Money is not the issue anyway. The suggested law is," I retort.

This conversation will be an endless circle if I let it continue. She was only scheduled for a 30 minute slot so, glancing at the clock as sneakily as I can, I only had to deal with...25 more minutes of this torture. I mentally facepalm, not believing that it had only been five minutes. I wonder if I can get Zelene to speed up the clocks, only when Lady Lorenhale has a meeting scheduled of course.

I bounce one of my legs slightly, my fingers drumming on my thigh slightly. I make sure that my boredom doesn't show on my face. In fact, I am very careful to not show just how bored I am in anyway. It would be considered rude and despite being the queen, apparently I couldn't be rude to bossy old nobles who thought they knew better than me. Clearly they didn't because if they did, they wouldn't be the ones who had to make suggestions to me. My head feels dizzy from how much she's been talking to me. I can't help but be slightly annoyed by how long the meeting is taking.

I am slightly impatient... only slightly. As soon as Lady Lorenhale stands up to leave, I stand up as well. I smile at her, letting her leave the room. As soon as she's gone, I collapse back into my chair and massage my forehead with a small sigh escaping me.

"The meeting wasn't that bad," Zelene says, making me roll my eyes as I look at her.

"Not that bad? She does this every single month. It makes me want to ban her from visiting the castle. I would have too if mother wouldn't pitch a fit," I state after a moment, earning an amused look from her.

"I doubt Lady Euphemia would care that much," Zelene murmurs with a slight smile.

"You have clearly never tried to do something without my mother's knowledge," I retort, making Zelene concede after a moment. She didn't know just how angry my mother could be. I did though, especially since I had tried to do something like banning certain nobles from the castle and had gotten the scolding of a lifetime from Mother. That was in the past though, and she wouldn't think about doing it now...hopefully.

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