Chapter 36

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

I fuss slightly, biting my bottom lip as I look around the bathroom. I whimper as I turn to look at the door that leads back into the room, not wanting to ask mommy for help. I want to be a big girl and figure this out myself but I can't even find the bathtub in here!

"Mommy," I say quietly, expecting her to be able to hear me from wherever she was at in the room like she always does. I sniffle slightly when I don't get a response, not wanting to be any louder. Being loud wasn't a good thing as I had gotten into trouble for being loud lots of times before. It was something a princess shouldn't do, mommy always said.

Tears start falling down my face and I sniffle as mommy doesn't respond, looking down at the floor. I didn't know why it was so upsetting that she hadn't heard me call for her but it was. I angrily wipe my tears away, opening the door to the bathroom. I leave it, going straight to the bed and throwing myself onto it.

"What's this about?" Mommy asks, sounding amused for just a moment before I hear her move closer.

"Go 'way," I say, not even bothering to lift up my head to speak to her. I huff softly, receiving a warning smack on my bottom.

"I don't know what is with this sudden attitude but I don't appreciate it, nor will I tolerate it. You also know the bed is no place for dirty shoes so get your shoes off the bed now," Mommy says and I sit up, taking my heels off but not looking at her. Instead I stare at the floor, staring at the hem of her nightgown. She had already changed? She was probably wanting me to move so she could go to bed. I force myself to stand up, moving out of her way.

She catches my elbow, pulling me back to stand in front of her. She puts her finger under my chin and tilts my head up, staring me in the eyes with a frown. Her look softens as she sees the visible tear tracks on my face.

"What is wrong Beth? I know this isn't what you are used to but is the bathroom really that bad?" She asks, pulling me closer to her. She wipes away the tears from my eyes, pulling me into her embrace so that she can sway slightly with me in her arms.

"Called for you and you didn't come. Supposed to always come," I whisper miserably, making her eyebrows furrow. It makes little wrinkles appear and I look at them, watching them disappear when she stops furrowing them.

"I'm sorry... I didn't hear you baby, what did you need?" Mommy asks as she continues to sway, one hand rubbing my back gently.

"Water. No water or tub," I whisper.

"Have to take a bath and wash my face and..." I trail off, overwhelmed by all the stuff I had to do. Mommy seems to sense my emotions, lifting me into her arms and just swaying a lot better with me.

"I'm sorry, baby. I..." Mommy starts before I cut her off.

"Not a baby!" I interrupted her to correct. I might want my mommy and need her help but that doesn't mean I'm a baby! I think it makes me a big girl for asking like this, in fact.

I'm sure mommy will agree and that's why I needed to correct her so she knows of her mistake and can correct it. The way she tenses up and takes a deep, chest expanding breath only confirms it. She's probably nervous and trying to figure out how to best apologize.

"Elizabeth... don't interrupt me again. I'll forgive you this once but there will be consequences next time..." mommy says in a calm tone that makes me want to run and hide but I'm stuck in mommy's arms. She also doesn't tell me what the consequences will be so that makes it even worse!

"Now, as I was saying, I forgot how much of a change this would be for you. You have been spoiled for too long with high class amenities that this room probably comes..." Mommy starts to say as she holds me.

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