Chapter 39

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

I sit quietly with Shrimp, feeding him his nuts. He eats quickly, stuffing them into his mouth in a way that makes me giggle. His eating also reminds me of how hungry I am all of a sudden. I look at Mommy for food but she was too busy talking to Ms. O'Dell.

My stomach grumbles quietly in protest, making me flush as I try to ignore it. Good girls didn't bother Mommy when she was busy, not unless it was important and me being hungry wasn't important to mommy. I had gone several days without eating before so this time shouldn't be any different. I bite my thumb nail, just wanting something to chew on. Listening for a break in their conversation, I start to overhear what they are talking about and blush.

"Are you sure you don't need anything else for her? Pullups by chance? I ask because only diapers are stocked in this room and cloth at that. Oh no, are you good on diapers? Do you need different ones? We forget someone like you probably has never used cloth diapers before! If you are worried about being a bother, it really is no issue to get whatever you need! Especially for such a precious, well mannered little girl like yours." Ms. O'Dell says, making me blush for several reasons.

"No, she doesn't need any of that but I appreciate the offer. She is fully potty trained and older than she looks." Mommy says with a chuckle, making me glare at her before I remember I'm not supposed to be listening and look away quickly.

"She doesn't actually need the trainers I requested either. To clarify, it's just she's been a bit spoiled with carriage rides so hasn't had much practice on a saddle. I thought the extra padding might help with the sore bottom she is in store for. Plus, her riding clothes were looking a little old so thank you." Mommy says as I watch her grab a stack of clothes from Ms. O'Dell.

I squint at them, trying and failing to spot the trainers. Instead, all I see is a cute riding outfit that reminds me of what mommy used to make me wear during my riding instructions. Huffing and getting mommy's attention on me, I quickly look away and go back to watching Shrimp.

By the time Ms. O'Dell comes to collect him, I want to cry from how hungry I am. I manage to say goodbye with some politeness before she leaves and I immediately burst into tears.

"Elizabeth, what's wrong?" Mommy sounds shocked as she comes over to me, lifting me up into her arms and rocking me slightly.

I cry into her shoulder, hungry and not knowing how to show it so I just cry instead. She bounces me softly, trying to soothe me as I cry.

"Is it Shrimp? Do you just miss your new friend? Is that it?" Mommy asks as she walks around with me in her arms, trying to soothe me.

Mommy begins to hum as she finally sits down on the bed, just laying back with me on top of her. Her hand pats my back, occasionally rubbing it as she continues to hum. Although the hum slowly turns into her singing a story in the form of a song she used to tell me when I was maybe 5 or 6.

It was one about a knight and a princess, who fall madly in love with one another but can't be together because of their duties. Her's to the kingdom and his to protecting a different royal family. It's a silly story that gets longer and longer as people add their own bit to it.

My tears eventually stop as she continues the story, adding details to it every time she gets close to ending the story. I yawn slightly, looking at her with puffy eyes as she continues to pat my back.

"Why the tears, sweet one?" Mommy asks as she holds my gaze, concern in hers. I shrug, not able to explain why I had cried.

"Hungry," I finally say, nuzzling my face into her more.

"Elizabeth, there's food on the nightstand. Why didn't you just eat?" Mommy asks, making me lift my head as I look at her with confusion. I furrow my brows as I turn my head to look at Mommy's nightstand, whining when she grabs my chin lightly and turns my head to look at the other nightstand on my side of the bed.

I see a little metal tray sitting there, with a plate on it. There's scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, and buttered toast. I blink in surprise, having not noticed it at all until she just told me. She lets go of me, letting me crawl across the bed to reach the tray. I sit down, pulling it onto my lap as I look at her. Mommy raises an eyebrow when she sees me staring at her.

"What is it darling? Why aren't you eating?" Mommy asks, sounding confused on why I was looking at her. She looks over her shoulder as if checking to make sure that there was no one there. I scoot closer, nearly spilling everything off the tray. She grabs it from me when I do that, setting it on her lap as I scoot until I'm cuddled up to her, resting my head on her shoulder.

"You eat too?" I ask, picking up my fork and stabbing the scrambled eggs with it, bringing it up to her mouth. She smiles, gently grabbing my arm when I try to push it into her mouth.

"I already ate baby. This is your food to eat," Mommy states, making me pout slightly. I don't move the fork away even when she lets go of my arm. Instead, I set the fork down, deciding to ask again in a minute since she surely would have changed her mind and would want to eat then.

Mommy seems to have other ideas though, picking up my fork and bringing it to my lips. I shake my head, not wanting to eat unless she was. Mommy was much more insistent than me though, so I find it very hard not to want to eat since she keeps the fork at my lips no matter how much I try to turn my head away.

I reluctantly take a bite, making her smile as she continues to try and feed me. I let her, deciding it was better to let her feed me so that I don't have to waste my energy. I nuzzle into her, sighing contently as it's nice to have her be the one taking care of me. I would never let one of my maids or even mama do this but it was different when mommy was doing it. Well I would never let mama willingly do it but she is quite bossy so might just force me to let her...

"I only letting you do this for now. Feed myself later," I tell her, making her chuckle slightly after a moment.

"Of course darling. You can be my big girl later. For now you're just my baby," Mommy states, going back to feeding me. I puff out my cheeks at being called her baby, whining slightly as she kisses the side of my head.

"Elizabeth, you will always be my baby. Especially since you're my only child. The title just comes with being someone's child. My mom, your grandmother, still calls me her baby on occasion too. Though, with your cheeks puffed out like that, maybe I should call you my little chipmunk instead? Or how about just my little shrimp?" Mommy's teases, making me stop with the pouting and just glare at her instead!

I am not her little chipmunk or shrimp!!

"Oh, stop it. Do you want me to keep feeding you or do you want to do it yourself now?" she asks, making me open my mouth very quickly. She chuckles, going back to feeding me until I finish my breakfast.

"Now with that done, let's get ready to see your extended family," Mommy says, setting the tray to the side before she scoops me up and gets out of bed. She sets me down, making me pout as she takes my hand and leads me over to the trunk to try and find an outfit.

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