Chapter 45

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

"And then mommy was like... bam!! Is this enough money to shop here!? No!? Goodbye then! And picked me back up, with her money purse, and walked out! Listening to all those people begging mommy to stay after that was hilarious!" I add in, giggling as I tell the story way better than mommy would.

"Elizabeth..." Mommy says, making me glance at her as she gives me one of those warning looks. I huff slightly, looking at her as I tilt my head in confusion. What? I hadn't done anything except share stories and that's all she had been doing since we got here so really I was just returning the favor to her. And besides, my stories weren't even embarrassing like the ones she had told about me were.

"Don't move your head when I'm cutting your hair," Mrs. Krueger says, making me pout slightly as she turns my head so that I'm sitting properly, like I was before. I sigh softly, letting her continue working as I try not to fidget. I feel like I've been sitting here forever though so is it really my fault if I do fidget a little bit?

"Are you almost done Mrs. Krueger?" I ask hesitantly, ready to be out of this booster seat and into Mommy's arms and looking for dresses. I'm trying to be polite though since Mommy likes good manners and I wanted to be on her good side since she was getting my dresses today. I wanted the good, fancy dresses today and mommy only allowed me to get those after I was especially good, after all!

"Yes, I'm almost done. It will just take me a few more minutes to check that your ends are even," Mrs. Krueger says as she smiles slightly, carefully combing out my hair to make sure that it is just how she wants it. I wait patiently, squirming just barely as I bite my bottom lip slightly.

"You're suddenly very eager to be out of my chair! Should I take that as an insult or a compliment?" Mrs. Krueger asks, making me shrug my shoulders.

"As my daughter was so elegantly bragging about, we've tried almost every shop here and have been turned away at every single one," Mommy says, making me pout slightly at the reminder of the fact that people did indeed keep turning us away.

"We were going to just leave after that but the little princess here demanded we come down this street and what she wants, she usually gets," Mommy says, making me give a frustrated sigh at her words since that wasn't true in the slightest. I never got my way and she always got her way since she was so bossy. Mama would agree with me, I just knew it!

"Well I can see why! She's just absolutely adorable," Mrs. Kreuger coos, my cheeks burning at her words since that wasn't the truth at all. I wasn't adorable, I was so mature and beautiful like a true queen and not a little child.

"However, I can't say I'm surprised that you had such difficulties. They hate children in the shops up the road, acting like they're just nuisances who are there to make a mess. And heaven forbid you have a budget! They act like it is an inconvenience to not want to spend all your life savings on their shoddy dresses," Mrs. Kreuger snorts as she starts to dry my hair, earning a sigh of relief from me as I sink back in my seat to let her do so.

"If you want a decent dress, I suggest going to Naomi. Her dresses are beautiful and you may end up emptying that coin purse of yours on buying an entire rack of her clothes," Mrs. Krueger says, making my eyes widen as I practically jump out of the chair when I hear that. I yelp when I feel stinging pain from my bottom, spinning around to see Mrs. Kreuger holding her hair brush to point at my face.

"Sit back down now, child! I'm not done with your hair and don't ever jump out of my chair. The last thing your mommy needs is you falling and hurting yourself, or me messing up your hair with an accidental snip," Mrs. Kreuger scolds. I look to Mommy for help after it, huffing when I see that she's turned her head away to avoid looking at us. She was supposed to protect me, not pretend that what Mrs. Kreuger had done was okay!

I sit down slowly, a small frown on my lips as Mrs. Kreuger continues to brush out my hair and try to make sure it is all dry. I sigh softly, doing it again when Mommy doesn't even look at me. When she finally turns her attention to me, I stick out my bottom lip as I look at her with the best pout that I can muster.

"Oh Elizabeth, stop pouting. Once Mrs. Kreuger is done with your hair, we'll go look at your dresses. But only once she is done so it's best if you sit still and behave for her," Mommy states, giving me a warning look that lets me know what will happen if I don't behave for Mrs. Kreuger. I sit up straighter after that news, trying not to show how excited I am to get my dresses since that could cause me to wiggle and that would make Mrs. Kreuger's job even harder.

"I'm behaving," I say, more telling myself than anyone else which earns a chuckle from Mrs. Kreuger as she finishes brushing out my hair. I assume we're finally done, however she surprises me when she starts to braid my hair. My eyebrows raise in surprise as I sink back into the seat, now curious as to where this is going.

Her fingers expertly braid my hair, making sure that there are no loose strands left out of it. I'm so super duper curious as to where this is going that I sit extra still. I feel her start to wrap the braid up, pinning it into place on my head. I pout at how boring that is, feeling something snap into place.

"Ready?" Mrs. Kreuger asks, earning a small nod as she turns my seat around so I can look in the mirror. My eyes widen when I see the big bow that's clipped into my bun, a squeal escaping me as I reach up to touch it. Mrs. Kreuger grabs my hand before I can, making me look at her.

"You're going to get glitter all over your hands if you touch it right now plus I just finished it, let your mommy see you before you go messing with it. Plus, I do it only once so at the very least, wait until you are out of my salon before messing it up, please," Mrs. Kreuger says, turning me back around to face mommy before helping me out of the chair. I hurry over to Mommy, squealing when she looks at me and gives me a little spin.

"It's a bow! Mommy it's a bow!!" I tell her, over and over again as she looks me over. She smiles as she stands up, kissing the top of my head.

"I see that it's a bow and it's very beautiful," Mommy says, not caring when I abandon her to go look at myself in the mirror while she talks Mrs. Kreuger. I wasn't going to leave this hairdresser I decided, she clearly was the best and I needed her for myself. I wondered if I could hire her on privately, I mean I certainly had the funds and I didn't think she would say no… Getting pretty bows like this just wasn't an opportunity I could pass up so I had to think of something fast to ensure I could see Mrs. Kreuger again and again and again!

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