Chapter 26

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

Mother sits with me during lunch, just enjoying the moment it seems. I find it great to just listen to her speak, answering whatever questions that she asks. At first I was struggling to open up but after a few questions, it was easier to just speak to her and let her know what was going on in my life.

I had finally thought it was okay to relax, taking a sip of my wine only for Mother to say something to make me spit it out. My dress is definitely going to be stained on the front because of my reaction.

"So, are there going to be grandchildren in the near future?" My mother asks again, making me shake my head as I try to mop up the wine that had spilled onto my dress with my napkin. I was never going to be taking a drink again, not while she was asking questions at least.

"No, there are not. Why would you think that? Are you trying to encourage me to have a child with a random man?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows with a small frown on my lips. I couldn't believe she would ask such a question, she knew I wasn't seeing anyone!

"Well I had to ask. It's not everyday I get to ask such a question, especially after you were caught making out with one of your guards," Mother says, making me whine as I hide my face behind my hand.

It had been an accident! A mistake on my part to kiss someone who worked for me. He had consented to it but it still felt weird the next day, just seeing him around.

"It was one kiss when I was drunk! Besides, it would be weird to date someone working for me. I transferred him out to work at one of the training facilities up north, he always wanted to be an instructor," I shrug my shoulders.

"Well do you have interest in anyone else?" Mother asks, making me shake my head.

"Not at the moment. Since we're asking personal questions, I guess I can ask you if I'm going to have siblings anytime soon?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. This time it's her turn to choke on her drink, sitting her glass down as she clears her throat while looking at me with wide eyes.

"No...."Mother states plainly.

"Elizabeth, I'm past the age of wanting more children and my body agrees. I've already gone through menopause so sorry to disappoint you but you will always be my only baby," she states, making me wrinkle up my nose.

"I didn't need to know that part," I whine, pouting slightly at her over sharing with me. I couldn't believe that she would tell me such things. Those were not things I wanted to know.

"Elizabeth, you're the one who asked. I was simply explaining why you won't have any half siblings," Mother says, sounding amused at my reaction.

"Never over tell me things again. Only the bare minimum," I tell her, making her shake her head slightly.

"Fine but don't get mad if you find out I only tell you the bare minimum from now on. I know you like to gripe a lot when you think people are keeping things from you," Mother sighs. I shake my head, my nose wrinkling up slightly in disagreement.

"Do not," I say as I finish my lunch, giving my full attention to her.

"You do so! I couldn't even throw you a surprise party because you would throw a fit about not being involved in the planning of it," Mother states dryly as she sips her drink, seeming very amused at my reaction.

"That was one time and it was because you were keeping secrets from me! I don't like when you keep secrets from me, it's not nice. Plus, your parties suck," I pout, earning a small chuckle from her. I narrow my eyes, not sure what she finds so funny about my reaction.

"I have to keep secrets from you sometimes. Even if you throw a fit and try to find out anyway. Like when I caught you trying to look at your Christmas presents last year," Mother says, making me look away.

"Didn't do that," I say, trying to deny her words even if she had seen me and watched me try to peek at my presents.

"You did so," Mother retorts, smiling slightly when I stand up.

"Did not and I'm done with this conversation," I say as I start to walk away from her, huffing when she doesn't stop me. What fun in walking away was there if she didn't love me enough to stop me. I turn back, going to her side and kissing her cheek.

"I'm going to go back to work. Even though I hate it and don't want to do paperwork so you should really stop me if you need my help with anything," I inform Mother, trying to get her to say that she wants to spend the rest of the day with me so I don't have to go back to boring paperwork.

"Lizzie, go do your paperwork. You can spend time with me afterwards," Mother says, making me huff.

"Thought you were going home tonight?" I ask after a moment, leaning down to rest my head on her shoulder. She hums softly, shaking her head.

"I'll leave in the morning. I want to spend some more time with you first. Besides, I have to make sure my baby is being taken care of," Mother says, making me smile slightly before I frown. I huff when I realize that she had called me a baby.

"Not a baby," I pout slightly at her words, refusing to look at her. She turns in her seat, cupping my face in her hands before she covers my face in kisses. I whine, eventually twisting away from her.

"No, of course you're not a baby. That would make you a princess after all and you are definitely a queen," Mother agrees. I glare at her from where I'm standing, upset she would do such a thing.

"I'm going back to work," I say as I walk away, pausing when she calls my name. I turn to look at her, watching as she raises an eyebrow.

"You have lipstick all over your face," Mother informs me, making me pout slightly as I start trying to wipe my face off with my sleeve. I give up, going back inside quickly and planning on heading to the bathroom to wash my face off. I couldn't believe she would embarrass me in such a way!

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