Chapter 43

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

Heading in a random direction because I have no idea where anything is, mommy eventually stops me and pulls me in close with a chuckle. Picking me up, she adjusts me until I am on her hip once again and points down a walkway opposite of where I was taking us.

"The dress shops we are looking for are that way. In the direction you were heading, let's see.." mommy says, taking us over to a map and finding the area in question.

"There's a diaper shop, a onesie shop, a nursery furniture shop, a shop for nursing mommies, a play area that...acts as a daycare? Is that it? Does my little princess want to go play at daycare while mommy shops? Doesn't that just sound so fun to you? Mommy can get all the supplies you'll need in one place while you just worry about having fun at daycare!" Mommy teases as she lightly tickles me, like she doesn't know it was pure coincidence this was the street for baby shops. Why do they even have a street for that here!?

Pushing her hand away with a pout because she isn't being funny at all, I bury myself in her shoulder and silently scream from the embarrassment! Of all the streets I could have picked, of course I picked the one for babies!! Feeling mommy walking again while still holding me and scratches my back, I peek out and am thankful to see we are not headed down the street for babies but to the dress shop instead, even though some of the shops look very interesting!

When we finally get close enough to see the shops, mommy finally puts me down again and lets me lead the way to one while holding her hand and even lets me enter first. We are immediately greeted at the door but for some reason the lady seems disappointed after looking at me and mommy, and disappears shortly after that. I look at mommy with a questioning look but she just shrugs and jesters me forward to start looking.

I do so and find a couple items that are close to what I want but aren't exactly what I want. I can't ask for help either because I can't find anyone to help me! Eventually we just leave because of that and try a different shop. The same thing happens again though, but this time, another person enters shortly after us, in an outfit clearly screaming for attention and it's like the staff magically appear to handle their every need!

More confused now, mommy picks me up and storms out of the store, seeming very angry now. The next store we try, mommy carries me in and demands to be helped immediately and is told they are "too high-end" to stock what we are asking for, making me want to just run and hide as they suggest we go to some place "more suited for us".

Almost radiating fury now, mommy takes out her coin purse and slams it on the counter, causing loud clanging to happen before silently picking it up and storming out to a now frantic staff trying to get her to stay and shop. Mommy ignores all of them though and leaves promptly. Lifting my head up, I stick my tongue out at them as we do leave, earning a hard slap to my bottom, making me cry out in pain!

"We do not sink down to their level, young lady! I raised you better than that! Next time I catch you doing that, I won't stop with just one!" Mommy threatens and I almost say something smart in return before I bite my tongue as I remember the last spanking she "wasn't allowed" to give me. She even made sure for the rest of the day, all my chair cushions were nowhere to be found too!

With a sigh, she ignores my very real sniffling and enters the last store in this area. It's huge, easily 3-4 times the size of the other stores and just looks expensive! As we enter though, the staff seem more interested in mommy than me, even though I'm clearly the one shopping! They even try to offer mommy a glass of champagne, which I try to help myself to but one look from mommy has my hand dropping faster than mommy's purse did on that poor woman's counter. The thought of the look that lady made after realizing how rich my mommy is still makes me giggle.

"Yes, what of it?" I hear mommy say as I am trying on a dress I found. It looked nice but now that I have it on, it feels itchy. It feels nothing like the dresses I'm used to and definitely not like my favorite traveling dress. I don't like it but I'm too curious about what mommy is talking about to change out of it right now.

"Excuse me?" I hear mommy say in that clearly threatening tone that dares you to repeat what you just said at your own risk.

From personal experience, you should never repeat yourself! I learned that lesson from multiple timeouts, spankings, groundings, and even one washing of my mouth as I decided it was a smart idea to repeat my cursing at mommy a second time, because clearly she didn't hear me the first time!

"No, she will not be changed. Your staff nor I will be putting my daughter in a diaper so she doesn't have you worrying while she tries on your dresses!" Mommy snaps at the man, making me freeze right outside the changing area.

"Then we require a downpayment of a gold piece to insure the item can be paid for if she ruins it with an unexpected accident!" The man snaps back, dropping the niceties.

"If I was actually interested in letting my daughter buy one of your cheap dresses, I would have no issue with that. In fact, I would put down a platinum piece, if it would only shut you up. The fact of the matter is your dresses aren't even worth a bronze piece, let alone what you are charging. I saw it as soon as I saw the amateur stitch work. My daughter had to try one on before realizing but now that she has, we are done here!" Mommy lectures, standing and coming over to me. Picking me up, I watch the pure disgust on her face as she feels the dress for the first time.

"What is this even made of? I've felt burlap sacks softer than this! Who is actually buying your products that you can afford this large of a building? This screams tax fraud so believe me when I tell you an investigation will be happening shortly. I suggest you get your papers in order as you will need them shortly. I mean, the homeless wouldn't even wear this, even if you paid them to!" Mommy says, carrying me back into the changing room I barely left and closing the curtain.

Setting me down, too stunned to do anything else, I let mommy help me change out of it and back into my outfit without a fight. I don't even really process what is happening as mommy picks me back up and carries me out. I look for the man she was talking to again but he and the entire staff are completely gone. It's almost like this place has been deserted and it's kind of creepy. That's why I'm glad when we finally leave and join the noisy crowd outside again.

"Sorry, baby. I guess no dresses today. Maybe we can find something better along the way to our final destination..." mommy says in a defeated tone, sitting down on a bench with me on her lap. From the tone in her voice and our earlier conversation, I know she knows this was our only hope and that's why we are here and she just doesn't want to remind me.

Chewing on my lip, I sit up and mommy immediately pulls my lip out of my mouth. Digging in her bag, she pulls out my favorite brand sucker to my shock and it's even my favorite flavor! I immediately open it and pop it into my mouth, forgetting about everything else! I even try to dig through mommy's bag to find her stash so I can steal, I mean borrow them all but she closes her bag before I can so much as get a finger inside of it! It's totally unfair!

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