Chapter 28

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

"Your majesty, this letter is an invitation for an event tonight," Zelene says as she looks over it, making me curse under my breath. Of course she would notice that one particular letter I had hoped she wouldn't see. If she hadn't seen it then that was one less event she would be able to make me go to it.

"I know but it's much too late to start getting ready for an event that I have no interest in attending," I inform Zelene as I stare at her, crossing one leg over another.

"You haven't declined going," Zelene points out, narrowing her eyes slightly.

"Yes, and?" I ask as I lean back in my seat and look at her with a huff escaping me. I couldn't believe that she was questioning me, I was the queen and it should be my decision to not go to a stupid ball. Plus, I never say If I'm going or not. It makes it much easier to decide last minute if I want to or not and my choice is only slightly dependent on if Duchess Grey or mother will be there.

"If you did not reject it then it is believed that you have accepted and are going. So therefore, you must attend. You are the queen and it gives you a bad look to do this," Zelene informs me, a small frown on her lips.

"Why should I care whether it is a bad look or not?" I question Zelene as I raise an eyebrow slightly, tilting my head as my hair brushes over my shoulders lightly. I smile slightly at her, finding the thought of going to such a boring event amusing. I couldn't believe that she would try and force me to do such a thing, I was the queen after all.

"Because it reflects badly on you and your mother," Zelene says, making me frown slightly. She had a point, not that I cared if it reflected badly on me. I did however care about it reflecting badly on my mother. I mean I could deal with the nobles talking badly about me but mother wouldn't stand for it. She had such a temper sometimes.

"Who is hosting it?" I ask, pretty sure that I already know the answer but still asking just to double check. I couldn't help it, I had to have her say the name otherwise I didn't know if I would have the strength to force myself to read the name.

"Baron Carp," Zelene says, making me move my hands off of my desk so I can then lay my head on my desk, hitting my head lightly as I groan.

"Kill me now," I mutter, closing my eyes so I can enjoy the peacefulness of not having to listen to her talk to me.

"So shall I start laying out your outfit?" Zelene asks after a moment, making me lift my head up to glare at her.

"I'll take that as a yes," she says as she turns and leaves. I glower at her the whole time, crossing my arms over my chest.

I stand up after a moment, keeping my arms crossed over my chest. I follow after Zelene, hearing the sound of her footsteps as she walks ahead of me. I walk after her, walking quickly to try and catch up to her. She turns her head slightly, raising an eyebrow when she sees me following her.

"I'm not following you, I just happen to be going in the same direction as you are," I inform her, walking quickly to get past her. I hear her laugh, making my cheeks burn from embarrassment. I couldn't believe that she was laughing at me! I spin around to look at her, a small pout on my lips as I look at her.

"I apologize, I did not mean to laugh," Zelene says after a moment, covering her mouth as if trying to hide a smile. I narrow my eyes, not believing her in the slightest. I think she did mean to laugh! Why else would she still be smiling? I huff as I turn back around, continuing the walk to my room, with her following me!

Once I reach my room, I debate on whether or not I should lock Zelene out. It would be kind of funny but I think that would just be a childish thing to do. And I certainly am not nor have I ever been childish. At least since I've been queen. Even if my Mother would disagree..but no one was asking her opinion at the moment so it didn't matter what she thought! Anyway, Zelene comes in before I can make up my mind so I no longer can, even if I wanted to. Which I don't because I'm not childish!

I keep my arms crossed over my chest, walking over to my vanity and sitting down in front of it. I finally uncross my arms and start to do my makeup, doing a very neutral look since I didn't know what Zelene would pick for me to wear. I hoped she was good at picking out dresses or else this whole thing would be abysmal.

I glance at her when she sorts through my closet, not speaking to her though so that knows that I'm not happy with her. How else would I express how mad I was if I didn't just cross my arms and act like she was the worst person in the world?

"So what would you like to wear to the event tonight your majesty?" Zelene asks as she turns her attention to me. I tilt my head to the side, furrowing my eyebrows slightly. I hadn't put any thought into what I was to wear. I had expected for her to just pick out a dress for me and for me to just have to put it on, like I usually had to do. My brain short circuits for a moment with the sudden choices placed on me before I finally manage to speak.

"One of my green dresses," I say after a moment, getting up to go to my closet. I open the door, stepping into the big closet. I hear Zelene behind me as I start to look through the green dress section in my closet.

I kept my closet organized by color, knowing that I wouldn't find anything if I mixed it up. I pick out a long green formal dress, finding matching heels right underneath. I give them to Zelene who sets them out on my bed before I go back to my vanity.

"You know, I think this color and shade will go perfectly with what Lady Euphemia's outfit for tonight..." Zelene says rather off-handly, almost like she was just speaking to herself and not to me.

"What was that?" I ask with wide eyes, freezing in place as I feel a cold sweat start forming on my back.

"Hmm? Oh, you heard that? I said this will go perfectly with your mothers outfit for tonight's event." Zelene repeats and now I really am sweating!

"I thought... I was told... she declined the invitation, last I checked. Did she accept it?" I ask, trying to hide my nervousness in asking because the last thing I want her finding out is that I keep track of her scheduled events.

"She did in fact decline, as you are supposed to when you aren't planning on going. I had to inform her you would be busy with this event so would miss your scheduled dinner with her though but noticed the invitation included the option for a plus one so took the liberty of offering the spot to her. I was informed of her acceptance of being your plus one as you entered your room." Zelene tells me with a smile and I can't help but inwardly curse at her for it. How dare she do such a thing to me! She should already know this is definitely the worst thing imaginable! Not only did she inform my mother of me going, she even invited her and she accepted! The only thing that would make this worse is if...

"Oh, I nearly forgot... She told me to tell you not to worry about her embarrassing you since Duchess Grey will also be in attendance so she will just go catch up with her for the night." Zelene says with a snap of the fingers, making my night even worse!

Maybe if I take forever to do my makeup then by the time I am ready I won't even have to go to the stupid event! Yes, that sounds like a great idea. That was what I was going to do, Zelene couldn't stop me from doing that and mother could just go with her friend. That sounds like a great, simple plan and surely nothing can go wrong with it! I see absolutely no problems with just waiting in here for the event to be over as I very slowly get ready for it... Absolutely no problems at all...

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