Chapter 37

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

"Mommy," I finally manage to escape Mommy's mean tickling hands, glaring at her.

"Not niceeee," I pout at her, making her roll her eyes as I turn my back to her. She scoffs slightly and I squeal as she spins me around.

"Go pick out your nightgown while I run your bathwater," Mommy says, making me pout as I turn to look at her.

"Don't wanna, wanna stay with you," I whine, earning a small scoff and a raised eyebrow.

"And I want you to be ready for bed at a decent time so go little miss," Mommy says, earning a grumble from me as I reluctantly leave the bathroom. I go to the trunk she had packed, digging through it. I grin as I pull out the pink nightgown out the top, studying it.

I rarely wore pink, seeing as it was considered childish by most nobles. I mean at least the pink that I liked was. I liked the baby pink that my mother used to dress me in when I was little, the soft pink that made me feel so giddy and happy for no reason at all.

Perhaps that was why she had chosen it, had picked it out for me. I smile as I hold it close to my chest, searching through the trunk for undergarments. I find them, finding them plain and boring compared to my nightgown. Why couldn't my mother have got me matching undergarments? Her seamstress could have made them, I muse to myself as I pout.

I take them back to the bathroom, huffing when I see that Mommy has already run my bath. How had she done it? She hadn't even left the room like the maids usually did to fetch water. Mommy doesn't even seem to see my curious look, instead taking my clothes from me.

"Do you need help bathing?" Mommy asks, making my cheeks burn slightly at the question.

"No, I can do it," I say quietly, trying my best to show that I'm a big girl. She nods her head, kissing my cheek before she leaves. I pout at the fact that she actually left, she was supposed to fight against what I said and want to stay with me. She is not supposed to just go along with it!

I reluctantly grab the washcloth from the counter, taking it with me as I climb into the tub. I sink down into the water, closing my eyes. The water isn't as warm as I would have liked it, instead it feels kind of cold. I don't mind it but I prefer taking baths where the water is scalding hot, so that I may soak in the warm water for forever.

Perhaps that was why Mommy had ran my bath, so I couldn't soak in the bathtub forever like I usually did well into the night. She probably wanted me to go to bed at a reasonable time which I thought was silly. No one actually went to bed at a reasonable time when they were adults, that was the fun part about being an adult.

That and drinking. Oh, now I want wine. I wonder if I could order it. Probably not. Mommy probably wouldn't even bring it to me if I did manage to somehow get it here. I huff as I start to reluctantly wash myself, scrubbing at my skin.

I want it to be over with, especially with how cold the water feels. I want to just crawl into bed and cuddle up with Mommy. I bet she would let me curl up against her and feel her fingers scratch my scalp. Her sharp nails, they're very useful for that. Plus she used to let me paint them sometimes. I jerk suddenly, looking at the door and wondering if she would let me paint them tonight.

I scramble to finish my bath, making sure to be thorough or else Mommy will be annoyed at the waste of a bath and then she definitely won't let me paint her nails. Once I'm out of the tub, I tug on the drain and then grab the towel she left me so that I can dry off. I quickly dry off, watching the water drip on the floor for a moment.

I carefully get dressed, slipping on my undergarments and then slip my nightgown on. I leave the bathroom, going straight to the bed where Mommy is currently reading. She glances at me over her reading glasses, noticing how giddy I am.

"What's gotten into you?" Mommy asks as I cuddle into her, gently scratching my back as I rest my head on her shoulder.

"Nothing," I say as I cuddle into her, sighing softly.

"I do your nails?" I ask after a moment, trying my best to look as sweet and innocent as possible so that she will give in to my wants.

"Not right now, it's past bedtime," Mommy says, making me huff and throw my head back against the pillow.

"Mommy, I wanna paint them!" I whine, kicking the bed in frustration. I regret it when she gives me a warning look and grabs my knee to keep me from kicking again.

"You can do my nails. I said you could. However it will not be right now or even tomorrow morning. It's bedtime and we have a busy day tomorrow," Mommy says, letting go of my knee when I nod sadly. I sniffle, having just wanted to paint her nails.

I turn over, sulking as Mommy goes back to reading. She pats my back lightly, using one hand to hold her book and turn the page which I don't know how she does. Mommy also hums, making me feel ever sleepier.

My eyes flutter shut, a small whine escaping me as I feel Mommy get up. She returns in a moment, the sound of her nightgown swishing as she comes back and gently lifts my head up to put my bonnet on. I only realized that I had forgotten it when she did that, so maybe she wasn't that mean.

"What are we doing tomorrow?" I ask slowly, a small frown on my lips as I open my eyes slightly. A curious expression on my face which makes her soften.

"A day with your cousins and aunts," Mommy says, making me groan dramatically as I throw myself back. A small sigh escapes me as I nuzzle into my pillow, silently cursing her for doing that. I didn't want to spend time with them, they were so mean and boring! I wasn't a baby and they always treated me like one!

"Not gonna go, I stay here," I tell Mommy, earning a soft laugh from her as she lays down next to me.

"Sure you won't baby, you'll spend all day alone then since Mommy is going regardless," Mommy says, making me whine as I nuzzle into her. I pout at her with a small frown, glaring at her sleepily.

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