Chapter 29

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

My brilliant plan backfires on me when instead of me leaving to meet my mother, she decides to come to me. I know it's her because she knocks on the door, announcing herself before coming in. Well at least she tries to barge in. The fact I locked my door meant she couldn't get in that easily and had to wait. I stick my tongue out at the door, happy that my plan to keep Zelene out had worked on her instead.

I had locked it after Zelene had left to go inform my mother that I was ready. She could tell my mother all she wanted but I wasn't leaving this room. At least not if I had a say in it and I did as queen. So now I was safely locked in my room and safe from any parties that I would have to attend otherwise.

"Elizabeth, let me in," Mother says, sounding rather amused instead of angry like I had expected.

"I can't, you don't know the password," I say as I cross my arms over my chest and stand up. I hear a sigh from the other side of the door before I hear the lock click and the door opens. My eyes widen and I quickly back as far away as I can from the door.

"I would love to play your game sweetheart but we have a party to attend," Mother says as she enters the room, raising an eyebrow when she sees me. I notice a golden key dangling from her finger.

"What if I had been naked?" I ask as I put my hands on my hips, giving her a disapproving look. She rolls her eyes slightly as she slips the key back around her neck.

"Zelene just told me that you were ready to attend the party. I would hope that you wouldn't try and attend a party naked, and I know you know better than to undress yourself after all that work," Mother says as she offers me her hand.

"I don't want to go," I state as I keep my hands on my hips, refusing to take her hand even though I feel very tempted to. It would be nice to hold her hand...I shake my head, clearing my thoughts of that nonsense.

"You never wish to go to anything. If you truly don't want to go then I will attend without you and you'll most likely spend the night sulking in your room," Mother says dryly, making me frown at the thought of doing that. That didn't sound like any fun and I had neglected to consider the fact that I wouldn't be able to spend time with my mother if I stayed here.

"How about you stay here with me instead?" I suggest hopefully, making my mother raise an eyebrow. She sighs as she shakes her head.

"No Elizabeth, I will not be staying in your room so that you can hog me and not have to share my attention," Mother says, making me pout at the fact that she foiled my plan. I just wanted to have her to myself.

"After the event I could be convinced to spend the rest of the night with you," Mother offers as she holds out both of her hands.

I give in and go over to her, grabbing both of her hands and letting her pull me against herself. She presses a kiss to my head as she lets go of one of my hands to rest her hand on my face.

"You have to spend the entire night with me, not just until I fall asleep," I inform her simply as her thumb strokes my cheek genty, making me lean into the touch. I close my eyes for a moment before I quickly open them again, pouting at her for doing her dirty tricks.

"I will spend all night with you," Mother agrees as she nods her head, making me smile slightly.

She tugs my hand and I follow after her, letting her guide me out of my room. I adjust my dress with my free hand, wanting to make sure that I look absolutely perfect even though I know I'll just have to fix my dress after the carriage ride to Baron Carps.

Mother tugs on my hand once again when I start to lag behind, making me hurry to catch up. It's not my fault that she had longer legs than me! It was her fault for not passing them onto me so that I could be just as tall as she was.

I walk even faster then her, deciding that way she won't have to make me walk faster. I can just make her walk faster so that way I win. And I was totally winning, since mother had slowed down some more which meant that I was fully walking in front of her now. I turn my head back to stick my tongue out at her but end up tripping over something instead, making me fall.

I quickly push myself up so that I don't have to focus on how embarrassing it is to fall like that in front of her or anyone. Mother audibly sighs and I squeak as she lifts me up, carrying me like I'm a toddler as she starts walking again.

"I thought you would be better at walking in heels by now. You should have been walking in them for years, if you still aren't avoiding them," Mother says as she looks at me. I'm still too stunned about the fact that she's carrying me to respond, my mind going blank until I manage to force myself to speak.

"Let me go," I huff, my cheeks burning in embarrassment as I try to push myself away from her and out of her hold.

"Why? You fit so perfectly in my arms, like you're still my little baby. This reminds me of all those times you would cry if I even attempted to put you down," Mother says as she presses a kiss to my cheek, making me whine as I try to wipe it away. I didn't want her stupid kisses, she was going to get lipstick all over my face again.

"'top it," I whine, making her chuckle as she sets me down. I wipe my face off with my hand, hoping that there isn't a lipstick mark on my cheek. I glance around for a mirror to check but see none.

"You're fine Liza, no lipstick is on your pretty face," Mother assures me as she pulls my hand away from my face. I glance at her before nodding, deciding to believe her for now. She offers her hand once again and I hesitate but decide to take it, following her down the hall once again.

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