Chapter 44

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

Pouting at only being allowed one of my favorite suckers, mommy stands back up and carries me back in the direction of the carriage to leave. At least she tries to but I squirm out of her hold when I remember what I wanted to do. With my feet on the ground now though, I lose all courage and ask to be picked up again!

"What has gotten into you, young lady?" Mommy asks as she picks me back up with an eye roll. Once back on her hip, I point mommy in the direction of the section she made fun of me for trying to go down earlier.

"You know I was just teasing about the daycare right? You have to actually be a baby and not just my baby..." Mommy points out with a stupid grin on her face, making me huff and point again with a glare.

"Fine, fine...we can at least look to see what's down there..." mommy says as she turns and heads in the direction of the baby stores.

She doesn't know it but as we were walking away before, when I peeked out, I saw a dress shop that had the prettiest dresses ever! That's why I need mommy to see them too! That way she will buy them for me!

"Oh my goodness!! This just won't do!! Nope! I won't allow it!! No, no, no, NO!" I hear said as I'm stolen from mommy's arms!

"Hair as amazing as this and look at it! You are coming with me child! Your mommy is lucky I don't take that brush she uses on your hair and spank her with it for how she is treating your hair! With how knotted your hair feels though, I'm not even sure she knows what a brush is! Don't you worry though princess, I'll get you all sorted with a single trip to my salon!" the old lady says, making me giggle at the thought of seeing mean mommy getting a spanking with a brush. Mommy also stands there stunned from her words of me just being stolen from her until I'm practically in the salon and wave bye to her, which is also funny.

When mommy finally does catch up to me, I'm surrounded by almost every worker in the salon, all wanting to work on my hair and commenting on how beautiful it is. Pushing her way through, she grabs me and picks me back up, just for me to be stolen again from her and taken to the back.

As I'm being carried, I can't help but giggle as the old lady grabs a brush and starts spanking mommy with it, causing mommy to yelp and try to get away as they argue about who's responsible for my hair. I'm just happy to see mommy getting in trouble for once though and not me so I can't help but snitch on mommy!

"She never does my hair anymore! She's always too busy to even help me with it! I tried to get her to help this morning but she was too busy talking to a stranger!" I yell, causing the person carrying me to stop and turn around to see what is happening and sigh, and make me miss mommy getting in even more trouble!

"I swear Mrs. Krueger is going to get us in so much trouble one of these days! She is going to take her brush to someone important and powerful, and they will end us in their anger!" The lady says, making me giggle further and almost out mommy as being just that! I mean, she is the former queen and you are currently carrying the queen in your arms!! The only way this could be worse is if mama showed up and she used the brush on her too!

Oh, mama!! Mama will definitely need to hear about this!! She is going to laugh so hard when I tell her mommy got spanked for not taking better care of me and I'm just sure she will never let her live it down! She is also going to be so happy that I told her too because she just hates when I keep secrets from her so it will be a win win!

Those thoughts are quickly forgotten though, as I am sat down and they begin washing my hair. The water is just the perfect temperature so I melt like butter under it! It's just a smidge under boiling so it feels amazing on my scalp. The way they also massage the hair products into my scalp has me fighting hard not to start moaning in pleasure! It all just feels amazing and has me wondering why I don't get my hair cut all the time!

My pleasure is short lived though, as when I'm brought back to the front and set down, I'm immediately picked back up so a booster can be put underneath me!! I immediately start pouting at this unfair treatment because I may be short but I'm not that short!

"Any specific way you want this cut?" The lady asks as her and mommy come join me in this section. What was her name again? Mrs... Mrs... Mrs. Krueger? That's it, Mrs. Krueger!

"No, nothing specifically comes to mind. By her current length, it's probably been a while since she has gotten it cut. She's in her long hair phase, mainly because she knows I like it above her shoulders so she has been letting it grow out with no real concern on keeping it healthy. And before either of you argue otherwise, my daughter was the one that "requested" I stop managing her hair by throwing constant tantrums if I so much as suggested a different color ribbon so I don't want to hear it!" Mommy answers for me before I get the chance to! She even has the nerve to make it seem like I shouldn't speak for myself!

"Has she gone potty recently?" Mrs. Krueger asks next as she starts twisting me back and forth, making my mouth hang open in shock!

"Yes... and she is fully potty trained so you don't have to worry about that. She hasn't had an accident in a few... in a while. At least none that I am aware of..." mommy says, bending over to close my mouth and kiss my cheek with a wink.

"I'm sure...Cause no parent has ever told me that, just for their child to go right in the middle of the cut. You have no idea how hard it is to clean an accident up from these seats either! That's why it's just easier to ask if they have gone potty yet so I can send them if they haven't or the parents remember to send them so I don't have to..." Mrs. Krueger tells mommy as she starts to brush out my hair and cut it.

"Oh, speaking of..." mommy says and actually goes into a story about one of my accidents as a toddler, like it happened just the other week!! It was so unfair and so mean and I am so getting my revenge later!!

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