Chapter 34

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*Elizabeth's P.O.V*

Normally I can handle my wine quite well, in my own opinion. Although, I'm not quite sure of others opinions on the matter, as they have never commented on it. This wine seems to be quite different though. My tongue feels heavy and speaking feels hard after the first two glasses I have. Everything is moving so slowly and it feels hard to focus on anything. It's only been a couple of glasses so this shouldn't be happening!

I mean, Baron Carp doesn't seem to be as affected as me. Instead, he seems to be taking it quite well. His arm even wraps around my waist as I feel the wine really hit me and I feel his fingers digging into my hip. I want to tell him to let go, to get his filthy hands off of me but I can't force the words out.

I glance around, hoping to find anyone to save me from him. The way he's licking his lips and eyeing my lips makes me want to vomit. I don't want him touching me. In fact, I don't want him near me anymore. No one would help though. No one has probably even noticed or care what is happening to me right now.

"I suggest you get your hands off of the Queen, Baron Carp," I hear in my mother's voice, cold and sharp. She sounds quite angry. She was probably angry at me, angry at me for being so stupid as to drink freely with Baron Carp of all people.

"The Queen and I were just chatting and enjoying ourselves," Baron Carp says.

"I think only you are enjoying this "chat", Baron Carp. Now step away from my daughter!" Mother snaps at him.

"She hasn't made any complaints and I don't think she needs her mommy stepping in to make some up so I would be careful what you imply, Euphemia," he snarls. Oh how wrong he is and oh how I do want my mommy to step in. So desperately do I wish she will save me from this situation.

"No, baron... it's still Lady Euphemia to you. And seeing how you purposefully have lured her to a corner where the guards cannot see you, I can assume your intentions are not pure and I will not stand for this. Not while I am here to prevent it," my mother says as she grabs my elbow, guiding me to stand behind her. I press into her, my hands shaking slightly.

"You have no right to make accusations like that or the proper standing anymore to do so. Only someone above my social standing may charge me with something so a mere lady like you is just wasting her breath. Plus, you have no proof. As I said before, her majesty has voiced no complaints about being in my company and seemed to be enjoying herself quite nicely until you showed up," Baron Carp says coldly, his voice sharp.

"I will ruin you, Baron. Do not forget who I once was or who I currently am. If you ever touch or if you ever even look in her direction again, I will have you disposed of. That isn't a threat but a promise, too. I know of the rumors and others you claim also "enjoyed your company". You fail to realize how easy it would be to bring this all to light," Mother says coldly, her voice calm in a way that terrifies me.

"You dare mention those sluts to me? They practically begged me for it and how do they repay me? By trying to ruin my esteemed reputation, that's how! They spoke nothing but lies and I already proved it. If you were actually a noble and not just a mere lady, you would know that!" Lord Carp hisses before his eyes go wide.

"That may be true, Baron, but we all know what really happened. Your friends won't be so forgiving next time, especially if it involves either of them. No amount of favors claimed or owed could save you then," I hear mama say as she steps into view.

Baron Carp meets her gaze for a moment before just walking off, trying to come out of this interaction not looking affected. It is clear he is very affected though, as he is now dealing with his superior, but I quickly forget about him as I have other concerns now.

Mother's attention is now on me and I shrink back, feeling disappointed in myself for probably drawing her anger. She was probably going to be so mad at me. I was so stupid...everything I did was wrong.

"Elizabeth," Mother draws me out of my thoughts, grabbing my face.

"Are you alright? He did not hurt you did he? You must tell me if he did," Mother says, making me stare at her in shock. She wasn't mad at me? At least not right now.

"I'm sorry," I squeak out, making her eyebrows furrow.

"Did he hurt you?" Mother repeats, making me shake my head.

"That's good. Now, why are you apologizing?" She asks once she has her assurance that he hasn't hurt me.

"I...was stupid. I shouldn't have drank with him," I whisper, making her frown.

"Oh darling, it was a bad decision on your part after the fact but you had no way of knowing his intention," Mother says as she cups my face, pressing a kiss to my forehead as I cuddle into her.

"You're staying with me or Duchess Grey for the rest of the night, for your safety and comfort. Unless you would like to leave?" Mother asks, making me glance between her and mama.

"Don't mind staying with you or mama but want to go home," I say shyly, making mama smile softly.

"You take her away from here Euphemia, I'll stay and make excuses for you two," Mama says as she grabs my chin, covering my face in quick kisses.

"You be a good little miss for your mommy or else," she says, making me giggle.

"Always good," I murmur as I cuddle into Mother, earning a small chuckle from her as she wraps an arm around my waist.

"Yes you are, you're always my good girl," Mother says, my face lighting up with a smile at her words as she leads me outside.

"Zelene will stay and help with covering any rumors that may spread. It will just be you and mommy tonight," Mother says, her name for herself making me grin as she helps me into the carriage.

As soon as she is in the carriage, I climb into her lap and cling onto her. "My mommy! Mine!" I say repeatedly, my head resting on her shoulder as the carriage lurches to a start.

"Your mommy," she reassures me in a soft, light whisper, holding me as I let the sleep take hold of me while cuddled in her arms.

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