✧ 𝟎𝟓𝟔: Brazil ✧

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➬ ✧ 𝟎𝟓𝟔: Brazil

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➬ ✧ 𝟎𝟓𝟔: Brazil

MAISIE finally sat down in the plane.

She was going to Brazil, with Pietra and Max. But they were not next to her, they were just a little further away.

Soon the plane took off and now Maisie was ready to spend too many hours in this plane.

She got comfortable with the small blanket that was offered and put on her headset as she connected them to the screen to watch a movie.


MAISIE , PIETRA and MAX finally landed in Brazil. Immediatly they called an uber and quickly they arrived at the hotel where they registered and went up to their rooms. They got ready very quickly, after the long 11-hour flight - they needed a shower and then once finished they headed for the circuit, once again with an Uber.

Arrived there they got into the paddock and walked to the Mclaren garage. The sprint shootout was going to start in like a minute so they took their headset and finally they were ready.

Once the sprint shootout over Lando did some interviews etc and then finally walked back to the garage where he saw his girlfriend. Immediately the smile present on his face grew bigger as he began to walk faster.


"hey" The man did not waited another second to wrap his arms around the girl. The embrace lasted some long seconds, "how are you? how was your flight and when did you arrived?"

"wow okay calm down" Maisie chuckled but as she opened her mouth to talk again Max and Pietra came back

"hello mate" Max spoke as he smiled and Pietra also said a hello 

Lando gave them both a quick hug before he began a quick conversation with them


"I've missed you so much," Lando declared and as soon as he'd closed the door, he took Maisie's arm and pulled her close to him when she made her way to the small couch.

"I missed you more" Maisie stated before she placed her hands on his cheeks to delicately crash her lips on his while he automatically put his hands on her waist

The kiss lasted some more seconds, then they pulled away but stared at each other for another second with smiles printed on their faces.

"And I'm so proud of you Lando. Tonight you're on pole! That is crazy and amazing!"

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