Silence isn't here

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I looked up and saw Olive staring at me with wide eyes.

She was the only one here that did not know I was Silence.


"Jackson! Rose is okay! She's here! She's alive!"

She looked so happy.

Jackson just smiled as he started getting up from the ground.

"Yea, I can see that."

He tried avoiding eye contact with me and I knew exactly why. He knew I was going to beat the hell out of him for leaving without letting me know.

I would have gone crazy if I could not smell him from where I was.

"Come on everyone. We should head inside. We have lots to talk about," Alex said as he started heading back to the pack house.

All three of us started following behind him.

While we were heading inside I noticed Jackson and Olive were chatting with each other. It was sweet to know Jackson made a friend. We don't make many friends.

Once we were inside Alex had us all sit around a table.

He decided to explain things to Olive about how he and I are mates but left out the details of me being Silence.

"Does this make Rose my sister-in-law!?"


I quickly answered her question not wanting her to get the wrong message.

"Alex and I are just mates it doesn't mean we're getting married."

"Then why don't you reject each other?"

Olive's question was a pain to the chest. I felt it from Alex too.

"Because she was raised better than that," Jackson answered. He wasn't as laid back as he was when he was hanging out with Olive, now he was serious. We both knew when it was good to be laid back and when we should be serious.

Olive didn't ask any more questions after that.

So I took it upon myself to ask the questions.

"Why did you need us to be here? What did you want to discuss with us?"

Surprisingly, without losing his patience he responded my question. 

"I want you and Jackson to live here with my pack."

I wasn't that surprised to know that he wanted us to live with him. The thing that surprised me was the loud thud of a chair hitting the floor.

"No way! Rose we can't live with him! No way, no how, we are leaving now!"

"Jackson sit down."

"You can't be actually considering this, right?"

He is so complicated. Just yesterday morning he asked me when we were going to stop wondering around and now is our chance to stop. 

"What are the conditions, Alex?" I asked, ignoring Jackson's question.

"You are so stubborn Rose!" 

Without looking back he rushed back outside to the backyard. I noticed Olive rushing out after him. I should let her handle this, she's about to witness Jackson's first tantrum, my hopes go to her. 


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