Teach me how (part 1)

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I touched my bruised shoulder.

"Jackson, stop touching it! You're going to make it worse," Olive complained.

"I just don't understand why you had to punch me."

She huffed. "You knew this whole time and you didn't even tell me? And you expect me not to punch you for keeping such a big thing from me?"

"It hurts."

"It should."

"You are so..." I looked around noticing things were different from a few minutes ago.

Olive stopped walking once she noticed I wasn't moving with her. "What?"

"We're here."

Olive shivered. "So, I guess we can keep going till we find their pack house? Or maybe just...."

Olive was still talking, but I stopped listening when I heard a stick crack not far from us. "Shh, I hear something." I looked around but saw nothing, but I knew something was there. I could feel it.

"Jackson you're just being paranoid."

I shock my head. "No, I swear I heard something."

She didn't disagree this time, she knew I was being serious. "What did you hear?" She whispered.

"A stick cracking but maybe it was just an animal," I said as I brought my attention away from the woods and back to Olive. But when I turned back a large figure was behind her.


She turned around but before she could scream the person grabbed her. And that's all I saw before someone did the same to me.


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