The Question

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Ten years later

"Is everything ready?" Alex asks from behind me.

I turned around feeling slightly uncomfortable in my red dress. It wasn't something I'll usually wear but on occasions like these you can't help but want to look the part. "I think so," I reply while nervously tapping my heel on the floor.

Alex noticed that immediately.

He slowly walked toward me and placed both hands on my shoulders. "Rose, look at me." I did. "There is no need to be nervous. This has been something everyone has been waiting for."

I sighed. "I know, but is it too soon?"

Alex chuckled and grabbed the bottom of my chin, raising it just a tiny bit to meet his eyes. "I think you're worried about something else. Tell me."

Of course Alex would know that I had my worries somewhere else. He almost always knew. "I just don't want thinks to change. This is a big milestone and it's really taking a toll on me."

"Change is part of life. You should embrace it rather than be afraid of it." Alex then chuckled. "I never thought you, the most fierce woman I know, would be afraid of something so small."

I playfully pushed his hands from me. "Shut up, I'm not afraid."


We both smiled at each other.

Things between Alex and I have changed since the day we met. We argued a lot, I'll never forget how awful we were to each other. I had not rejected him back then but I did make it clear I would not be with him if he didn't change. To my surprise, he did. He changed for the better, just for me. It took a few years but bad habits die hard. I finally accepted him as my mate the day I knew he would put me—and everyone he cares about— ahead of his need to be the best.

"You know," I said gently. "I think change is good."

"Me too."

He placed a quick kiss on my lips and immediately grabbed my waist. "We need to get going or else we'll be late." I nodded and we both rushed out of the room.

We made it all the way outside till we reached Alex's car. "Can I drive?" I asked with excitement.

"You're funny," Alex replied with a chuckle.

It wasn't long until we finally reached our destination. A small diner right in front of the big woods.

Alex and I walked in and immediately noticed a beautiful young woman waiting patiently in the booth next to the window. We walked towards her.

"Hey, Olive."

She looked up and a huge smile appeared on her perfect face. "Hello sister and brother who are boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Olive, stop making it sound weird," I say as Alex and I slip in the booth.

She giggles. "It's true though. My brother and sister are dating each other."

The people at another table glance at us before turning back around and obviously talking about what they just heard.

With a strict glance from both of us Olive surrendered. "Okay, I'll stop." She glanced around in confusion. "Where's Jack? We're here to celebrate his birthday and he's late. We only come to this diner on his birthday."

The diner is the one where we first met Olive and the day our whole lives changed. We gained a home, friends, and family. Maria would be so happy.

"Maybe he's still getting ready. He's 21 now, probably ready to paint the town in style," I say in a slightly sad way. I didn't mean to sound so sad but I couldn't help it. Jackson, the kid I practically raised, is turning 21.

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