Silence hasn't

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One hour before I have to kiss that low life of an Alpha.

How could I be so stupid! Of course, the guy would pull something like that. Stupid bastard has no shame.

I don't know anything about this person, yet I'll be forced to kiss him every day for a whole minute till we both decide to end the deal. (Which won't be happening anytime soon).

"Your such a fool Rose," I said silently as I pulled my hands over my face in shame.

"Yes, you are," I heard Jackson walk into the room without knocking. 

"Jackson, you have to knock before you enter a room, remember?" I said as I looked up to face the rude child that entered the room filled with my shame and gullibility.

He narrows his eyes at me in annoyance. "Well sorry but if you hadn't noticed I have never been a real house before since I was six."

That stupid damn attitude of his hadn't changed since he ran off.

I should have just gone after him like I always do. I might not be in this mess if I did. No kissing and a place to live, it would have been perfect.

"I'm such an idiot!" I groaned as I let myself drop on the bed.

I heard Jackson walk closer to my bed. "Olive said you have been up here all day. What happened in the morning?"

"It involves Alex, you won't like it."

"Don't worry, I already don't like him. Anything he does I don't like," he says in a low growl. Cute pup. 

I sigh and get up in a sitting position on the bed. I was crossed legged while Jackson was sitting on the side waiting for me to tell him what Alex did.

"He-- Well we decided with the seal this deal with a Leave-in-promise, the promise that says if you break it, you die."

Jackson's eyes widened and he moved closer to me, urging me to continue with the story. 

"He was stating the deal correctly, saying everything that we agreed on. Until he selfishly added one thing to the deal."

"Wha- what he do?" He said with concern written all over his features.  

When I remembered what Alex said it made me growl in anger. "He said I have to kiss him for a whole minute every day. If I don't, then I die."

Immediately Jackson's eyes fell in disbelief and anger. "How could he!? Has he no shame!? Ro-Rose what were you thinking making that deal? Now you have to kiss that stupid alpha every day or else you die!? Damn it, Rose!"

Jackson seems to be the one always getting mad at me, especially since Alex came into the picture. Damn Alex.

"I wasn't thinking okay! I don't know what came over me. I just-- I felt like I needed to do it. I needed to trust him, even if it was just a little bit."

It was true. I was lost in him at that moment I had no idea what I was doing. As soon as he grabbed my hand I was done for. I felt protected, I felt as if just by that touch I was finally going to be the one who will be protected instead of me protecting others. I felt special, in a feminine way. 

The only reaction I got from Jackson was a long groan in annoyance. "It's going to be midnight soon, he must be waiting."

"No arguing?" I said in disbelief.  

"I like you better if you didn't die," he turned to me with an amused grin, "And I don't believe they would let me stay here if you're not alive."

I giggle a little at his remark. "Then I guess I should be going?"

"Yes, you should"

I got up from my bed and walked toward the door. Before I left the room I  heard a little shuffling on my bed so I turned around to see what Jackson was doing. 

"I haven't slept without you next to me since I was 3, I know I have a bed but just let me get used to this stuff before you start turning my world upside down in a front of my face as if it's nothing," As soon as he finished his quick explanation he buried himself under my covers before I could say anything else. 

I left the room with a smile and headed toward's Alex's office.

I am not ready for what is about to happen in there.

I would be stupid if this didn't make me feel like throwing up, or is this what people call 'butterflies in my stomach'? I couldn't tell the difference. 

Either way, I still had to face the fact that in just a few minutes I will be having my first kiss.

First kiss.

Sounded so unbelievable coming from me. 

I just wish it ends well and I am able to get used to it. Just kiss for a minute and it would all be okay.

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