Hell on Heels

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      Marie and Hope were on the verge of  shifting. "GUYS! CALM DOWN!" I screamed at them. I took off my darktinted glasses "See no tears." I heard multiple gasps then I notice the crowd around us. They were all looking at my eyes. "oh come on they are just fucking green! FUCK OFF PEOPLE!" I snapped at them.
      Everyone looked at me wide-eyed while my jackass of my mate was stalking toward me yelling "DON'T YOU DARE DISRESPECT ME BITCH!"  
      Everyone heard not one but two vicous growls. Marie tackled her brother to the ground and was punching him. He was about to punch her when I push her out of the way to be punched by my mate. I growled at him, "YOU FUCKING BASTARD! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WERE ABOUT TO PUNCH YOUR SISTER!!!" I screamed then I slapped him, leaving a red handprint. He looked at me in shock while Marie gaped at me. I laughed and helped her up. "Don't look so surpised little fireball" I told her. She cracked a smile at the sound of her childhood nickname.
        "Sorry Midnight but you just messed with my brother's fatass ego so easyily" she said laughing. Everyone looked confused for some reason. oooh my nickname...
        I just linked arms with Marie and Hope, then walked away like a boss.

~Later at Lunch~

         When we walk into the cafeteria everyone stops talking and stares at me. I'm really get pissed about this bullshit. "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!",they start whisper and gossiping again, Finally!! I let out a sigh of relief.
        Through out the day everyone was gossiping about the fight in the parking lot and I have a new found group of admirers, I hate the attention. Seriously don't they have better things to do?
        Click... click... click... I look up to see the pack slut Marissa walking over to our table, this should be interesting. "Hey bitch" ,she said directed at me,"keep your slutty hands off of Jackson. He is MINE!" I just rolled my eyes at that.
       "You're calling me a slut? Sweetheart look in a mirror, your outfit literally screams that you're a slut and whore" I said pointing to her MINI mini skirt and the fabric she calls a shirt. She narrowed her eyes at me so I flipped her the bird. She screamed into frustration before stomping off like a child.
       One of my friends, Kat, was laughing like there was no tomorrow. "Nice one Art." she breathed out off calming one enough to talk. I just smiled and shook me head chuckling at her actions.
         Then Alex, another friend,spoke up,"So Arty what was that about?" he looked at me amused.
        "Oh you know how Jackson rejected his mate today?",he nodded,"that was me" his eyes widen and Kat did a spit-take.
        "WHAT? THAT BASTARD!" Kat screamed making me burst out laughing.
        "It's ok, Marie punched him already so no need to kick his ass Kitty-Kat" I said making everyone brust out laughing with me, getting weird looks from people in the cafeteria.
        "FUCK OFF PEOPLE" Hope screamed at them. We all looked at her like she was insane. Hope was the calmest in the group so her yelling like that was a surpise. She turned to us "What? Why are you looking at me like I grew a second head?"
        "You just screamed 'fuck off people', you must be really pissed." Alex stated. All she do was nod her head calmly, like damn girl it took you 1.5 seconds to go to pissed off back and back to calm. She never seizes to amaze me.
       "I gotta go guys. See ya later." I say while getting up.
      "See ya" they all say. I walked out of the cafeteria and head to my locker but to be stopped by a sight that I definitely didn't want to see...

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