Date Night

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   "Artemis!" My dad yells as Beck releases his hold on my arms making me collapse before everything went black.....


    Black, Unending Darkness is all I see. Suddenly four orbs of light appear. The First was as blue as the ocean. The Second as green as the darkest color of forest. The Third as bright as dancing flames. Then the Fourth and Last one being as clear as the wind with a white light around it.

    They swirl around me creating a brisk breeze. They suddenly stop in a circle around me. "Choose your elements my child,but only two." says an angelic voice. My eyes settle on the crisp blue orb, I feel mesmerized by it as I reach out and gently touch it. The orb breaks into a wisp and surrounds me then it wraps my around my arms like the flow of a current. It settles on my arm creating markings of a ribbon of blue spiralling around left arm.

   "The calmness of flowing river is within you yet the power of the roaring ocean is contained, unleash the wrath only when needed." The angelic voice calls. "Now choose your last element my dear."

    I close my eyes as a take a deep breath,What is happening? Is question running through my head. I open my eyes slowly and focus on the forest green orb. I calmly reach out and brush my fingers against it as is it breaks into wisp and circles around me before settling as a design of a vine on my arm, interlocking with the ribbon of blue.

    "My child,You are of strong as an oak but as beautiful as the many flowers you may meet. I must warn you that The gifts you have been given are powerful, you are now as cunning as the sirens as they lure the human sailor to their deaths. You the mother of the animals in the forest , The comforting soul to all. They elements that you have not chosen are to be your brother, Matthew.  Now go my child." She calls, her voice fading.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    I gasp as I awake and sit up to find that I'm in the pack hospital in a room with series of machines hooked in to me. I see Matt on a couch sleeping as a firey red and white appear spiralling down his right arm and hints throughout his hair. I look down at the hospital bed to see Marie and Kat's head rest on their arms as the sleep and Jackson holding my hand as he sleeps. My heart speed up at the sight of my mate, He was here. I smiled down at him.

    Everyone begins to wake up, probably from my sudden heart rate increase. Jackson is the first to notice that I'm awake. "Artemis! Your awake!" He beams before hugging me tightly cause sparks to course through my body. When he says I'm awake everyone goes from a sleepy, groggy state to being wide awake, delight abundant in their eyes as the hug me tightly.

    "Can"t breathe." I gasp. "Sorry Art." They say as they let go of me. "What's wrong with your hair it have blue and green streaks in it." Matt questions. "Nothing wrong with my hair. You have white and firey red hints in your hair." I say as I take the bandages off and needles out of my arms.

     Everyone looks at the mark on my arm in shock.  "Really guys? Matt has them too." I say as I gesture toward him causing everyone snap the head toward his arms including himself. "What? How?" Matt says in shock. "Two words for ya," I say, "Moon Goddess." They gasp at that.

   The nurse comes in to tell me that I've been discharged. I changed in to acid-washed skinny jeans and a gray tank top. "Hey guys what day is it?" I ask. "August 25" Kat replies. "We only have a week to decorate the ballroom!" I scream. "Decorate for what?" Jackson asks as he hugs me from behind and nuzzles into the crook of my neck, smelling my scent.

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