The Masquerade Part 2

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Mattew's POV (A/N you weren't expecting that were you?)


         I wake up to the smell of pancakes. Yum. I sit up and stretch right before my sister, Artemis, comes running in. "Happy Birthday Matty!" she says before jumping on my bed.
      "Thanks sis, Happy Birthday Art." I says before laying down again trying to sleep. "Matt! Get your lazy ass up!" Artemis yells while hitting me with a pillow.
      "I'm u-" I'm cut off by Artemis hitting me in the face with a pilliow. I glare at her when she drops the pillow.
        "Oh shit..." is all she says before running out of my room. After she left I chuckled and shook my head at my crazy sister. I get up and grab a pair of red basketball shorts. I look at the markings on my arm. I have no idea why I have them but the girls in the pack seem to like it. I grab my gym bag then head to the workout room in the packhouse.
         When I get there a couple of my friends are there. Drew yells out,"Matt! You're finally here!" I just roll my eyes at him as I wrap my hands. Then I head over to the punching bag and start working on my punches and kicks. After a couple hours a couple unmated females from the pack decide to come in and watch my friends and me.
          I feel a few pairs of eyes burning into my back as I walk over to  the mat and I start to do one-handed pushups. I switch my arms after a hundered pushups then I do another hundred on the over arm.  Then I do two hundred sit-ups. I walk over to the  bench near the girls where my bag is and get out a towel to wipe of the sweat on me. I put the towel over my shoulder before grabbing my bag and walking out and heading up to my room.
          As I leave the gym a searing pain starts throughout my bones.  I take off sprinting toward the woods. Just as my bones begin to crack and the fur begins to sprout on my body I enter the woods. The shift is over and the pain is gone. Look down to see pitch black paws, I pad over to a stream passing by through the forest and I see that my light green eyes now have specks of silver in them. I can't see my whole body because the stream isn't wide enough to.
          I hear a voice emerge from the depth of my mind. "Hello Matthew. I am your wolf, Titan." A voice echoed throughout my head.
         "Hi Titan." I say before shifting back and grabbing a pair of basketball shorts from a burrow under the tree. I head home and I can feel Titan getting accustomed to my mind.
          I throw my bag on my bed then I hang my suit up thats for the party then I head into my ensuite or bathroom and I take a shower. Once I get rid of the reek of sweat on me I get out of the shower and dry off before getting dressed. After I get dressed I style my hair. I get my tux on but I can't figure out how to ducking tie my tie. Finally I call Hunter in so he can help me. He got a kick out of me trying to tie my tie before he actually told me how to tie it.
         After Beck and Hunter got dressed we headed to the party and as soon as we get there I sniff the air to sadly find not a trace of my mate's scent. I sighed and Hunter knew what was wrong immediately. 
        "Don't worry, you'll meet her soon." He said with a hint of sorrow. I feel bad for Hunter he hasn't met his mate yet and he has Alpha blood he should of met her in a week tops after his birthday.
       I have to stop acting like this. I went through the party thanking those who wished me a happy birthday. Suddenly the entire room got quiet. I looked where everyone one was looking and I see my sister and her friends. That's Artemis for ya, making a big entrance.  She makes her way down the stair case with her friends toward Hunter and me.
        "You two look dashing." Artemis says as she hugs Hunter and Me. "Happy Birthday Matty" She says beaming at me.
        "Happy Birthday Art." I say with my signature half smile.
         Artemis inhales deeply when she hears Jackson's voice, entering her little world with him. I hear then the song
        "Your Song" by Elton John come on and I can picture Artemis's face light up on the dance floor. She use to dance to this with our dad when we were little.
          I hear the tap of the microphone and turn to see Artemis's friends,  Kat and Marie.
          "Hello everyone. We hope your enjoying the party. Now it time to shine the spotlight on the Birthday boy and girl! Matthew! Artemis! Get up here." Kat spoke. What is going on? Artemis and I step onto the stage.
        "Now everybody Do you wanna know something about the twins?" Marie asks.
        "Yes!" screams the rest of the guests.
          "Well these two kid right here are fucking musical geniuses and sing like angels! Shall they perform a song for us?" Kat askes the crowd.
          "Wait what?! but my guitar isn't here nor my drums" I say internally.
         "Yes" screams the crowd. Kat and Marie and smirks before pulling us over to a stage with a curtain surrounding it.
     When the curtain drops Matt and I gasp. The first thing I saw was a 1994 Custom 24 Royal Blue. I think I just dislocated my jaw when I saw it. I look over at Artemis who looked like she was going to cry at the sight of a vintage Modern Eagle in Sandstorm Fade. I look at Artemis and we know what song we are doing instantly.
       We starting strumming to get the feel off the new guitars. After about about a minute we launch into "Scene 2: Roger Rabbit" by Sleeping With Sirens.

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