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like any other night, youngmin walks her back to her apartment and ever since they left the café in busan, doyeon keeps on re-reading the message from woojin then checks her phone as if she's waiting for a text back.

which she is. – doyeon decided to send a hello to woojin's number after asking her friends about it in their group chat (since she's with youngmin and he's quite grumpy right now) and all of them were telling her to do it, but until now, she hasn't got any reply from him, even until she reached seoul. she let out a sigh as she puts in her phone to her jeans pocket.

"he hasn't reply yet? pfft, guess he didn't mean it." youngmin mutters the last words but loud enough for her to hear it.

she snorts as his remark while shaking her head, "oh please take a look at yourself first."

youngmin rolls his eyes in annoyed as the response and the tension between becoming colder after that. they both walk in silence, side by side, and then her phone buzz in her pocket. she fishes out her phone and park woojin calls her instead of replying the text. talking bout moving fast.

doyeon clears her throat and swipes her screen to accept the call.

"kim doyeon?" his voice is deeper than before and it sounds so charming, doyeon thought silently with youngmin giving her a slight glare.

"uh, hey woojin." she replies softly which makes youngmin jealous inside.

"i'm in seoul right now, can we meet?" woojin asked.

"oh? i'm already on my way to my home now. shall we meet tomorrow then?"

he lets out a small chuckle which makes her confused for a second, "i'm not sure i could wait any longer." his voice is so clear as if he's around her, "ya, look to the front."

and he is there with a plastic bag that she's sure filled with snacks because he always bring her some snacks. oh and a peach tea. she smiles at the sight as the memories coming back to her mind. and talking about memories – she turns her head to the back, finding youngmin with a sour expression as he look at woojin.

well, could it be more awkward now? doyeon gulps her saliva before turning her head to woojin again. "let me guess, yoojung must be the one who told you my address. right?"

"and she also told me that you're coming back tonight." he smiles as he gives her the plastic bag. "oh and hello youngmin sunbae. what are you doing?"

"walking her home, obviously." the older one replies, curtly.

woojin shrugs his shoulder before placing his arm around doyeon's, taking her closer to his side whilst staring at youngmin with a blank yet cold stare. "you don't have to from now on."

doyeon is surprised by the woojin's action as she blinks her eyes rapidly when she stares at him with her jaw dropping a little. she turns her attention to youngmin and his hand curls into a fist as if he's ready to punch the younger one anytime soon. she needs to do something, but she couldn't even think right now.

"and who are you to say that to me? are you even her boyfriend?"

"and who are you to walk her home? boyfriend? pfft. aren't you that someone who left her for your girls that you could use anytime that you want? and right, you asked me who am i right? i'm the one who's there for her when you dumped her, assh-le."

doyeon stayed behind woojin in silent. the memories of youngmin cheating behind her are coming back to her when she no longer think about it, when she thought she could take him back to her life. should she thank woojin for the reminder? – she lowers her head down and shakes woojin's arm tightly.

"woojin-ah, let's just come inside." she whispers, still shaking woojin's arm and hoping he would stop before youngmin bursts out.

"you," woojin points a finger at youngmin, who's staring at him as cold as his stare for him. "don't ever try to be with her again because it's too late."

with that, they leave youngmin alone in front of her apartment. he clenches his fist hard, hard enough to leave a scar in his palm. he kicks anything beside him before he turns his back to go home.

woojin closes the apartment door behind him and sighs. "i'm sorry."

doyeon, who's just placing the foods on the table, stirs to look at him and knits her eyebrows together. "why?"

he doesn't reply her question but instead walks up to her and wraps his arms tightly around her. he rest his head on her nape, sighing once again before he raises his head and places both of his palm on her cheeks, stroking his thumbs on her cheeks gently as he looks into her brown eyes.

"i'm sorry i couldn't be as good-looking as him, i'm sorry i couldn't be as charming or smart as he is, i'm sorry i couldn't be him, the one that you love the most."

"woojin, what are you saying-"

"please don't comeback to him and please take a look at me, kim doyeon."

she stares into his pleading eyes as she's taking down his hands from her cheeks just to hold it tightly. she doesn't know what's going to happen, she doesn't know where her feelings going to lead her, but she knew that when she's with woojin, she'd feel save. but at the same time, she wonders about her feelings for youngmin. does she really want him to leave her again?

"woojin, i- i don't know. i-"

"give me a chance, will you? please." he begs, intertwining their fingers together. "kim doyeon, i will show you how-"

"fine, i'll give you a chance."

he stares at her blankly as he continues his words, "how worthy you are - oing?"

doyeon laughs at his oing that will never get old. woojin rubs his neck awkwardly as he smiles, showing his snaggletooth at her. they both stare at each other for a minute with a shy smile and red cheeks before he breaks the silence.

"so.... disney marathon?" he tilts his head towards the tv room.

she nods her head, "hmm, princesses one."

"i was thinking for lion king, but anything for princess kim."


SO WOOJIN OR YOUNGMIN. i was thinking abt making a special chapter abt woojin and doyeon  before when they were in highschool / right after ym and dy broke up or something like that. yay / nay??? let me know!



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