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i'll pick you up today at the office, okay? x. - was the message that woojin sent to doyeon and she didn't know what to do with the text that he just sent.

she can just answer it with a yes since she needs to talk about sort everything out to him anyway, but is she ready yet to spill out everything to him is the real question here because - lord - she didn't want to hurt woojin, not even a little bit, but lying about her feeling for him definitely worse than saying the truth, right? besides, if she kept everything going on with woojin, youngmin would get hurt and he went through a lot just for her.

doyeon turned her body around and was attacked with a tight hug from youngmin, who actually had been standing behind her when she was busy thinking about her problems. his hand was stroking her hair gently while the other one was wrapped around her shoulder as she rested her head on his nape with her arms wrapped around his torso.

"you okay?" he noticed, she thought as she nodded her head.

of course, she will say that she is okay. he would go crazy and become that kind of protective boyfriend that'd treat her like a total baby if she told him about what's happening inside her mind right then - and that's the last thing she ever wanted to experience right now.

"i'm fine." she pinched his nose lightly as she looked up at him with a smile.

youngmin squinted his eyes in doubt at her answer yet decided to let it pass when he saw her small pout that made he pulled her head, hugging it tightly, and stole a kiss on top of her head before letting her go from his tight arms. "let's have a dinner later."

shit was the first word that popped up inside doyeon's mind. how in the world could she tell him that woojin is picking her up? - doyeon tilted her head a little, trying to find an excuse that sounds rational.

"i have a plan tonight." doyeon stated.

"eh? with who? where? what are you doing?" he bombarded her with questions.

"with my college friend, in a restaurant near my apartment, and having a talk together?" and the last one sound more like a question in her own ears.

youngmin gave her a weird look before he decided to let it pass once again. even if she lied to him, he believed she has a reason behind it although deep inside, he was dying to know what's happening to her because - not to be a self-centered human being - he is sure it's something related to him.

"alright." he muttered, "tell me if you want me to pick you up or anything, okay?"

doyeon nodded her head for the response and hugged him once again, tightly - yet this time, it was interrupted by jisung, who gasped too loud when he saw the sight of his team.


woojin was standing under the tree in front of her office and when he saw doyeon, he had this bright smile and it only made her feel more guilty, knowing she was going to ruin his day at the end of their walk.

he talked about his works that took place in other city and how he missed doyeon, who actually about to settle down with youngmin once again when he left seoul a few days ago. she tightened her grip on the strap of her bag and hung her head down as her guilty feeling is eating her up.

"woojin-ah," she called out his name, cutting him and his train of words. "i-i, eum. do you want to get dinner?"

woojin knitted his eyebrows together when he let out a small chuckle, "of course."

she couldn't look at him in the eyes as they got themselves a dinner together. she barely even talked while she usually a chatty person. he noticed that she kept on pinching her thigh and she always did that when she felt nervous - but why would she be nervous around him? he asked himself.

even until they reached her apartment, doyeon kept on trying to avoid his gaze and he couldn't take it anymore. he put both of his hands on top of her shoulder, making her flinched a bit at the touch.

"you have something to say to me, right?"

this is it, her chance to told him everything that she held it inside, but she still wasn't ready to spill everything out from her lips and watch him gets hurt at that moment. she couldn't bring herself to tell him that she didn't feel the same and the fact that it's youngmin that she always loved.

as she about to speak up, a deep voice called her from the back.

"kim doyeon."

woojin released his touch from her shoulders and blocked youngmin's way to get close to doyeon, who froze in her spot. - no, this is not happening. this is not happening. she chanted in her mind with her eyes closed tightly, not wanting to see the sight of three of them, together, at the same place and moment.

"what are you doing here?" woojin asked him.

"wow," youngmin laughed sarcastically at woojin's tone of voice, "i can't meet my girl? that's new. now, go away from my way."

"your girl? - please, why would she go back to you? im youngmin, wake up. you are definitely the last person she ever wanted to see or even love. so, stop coming here and get a life, pathetic."

youngmin wasn't the type of person who would fight someone - but, he had enough of woojin coming through between him and doyeon, every time they are about to get back together. a punch landed on woojin's face and just right when woojin threw a punch, doyeon came in between them and the punch landed on her cheek instead of youngmin's.

"p-please s-stop." she sniffled because of the cry and also the pain on her cheek.

youngmin immediately turned her face to his direction, checking her condition with a worried look all over his face. her shoulders were moving up and down and the tears were rolling down on her cheeks because of them and the pain from the punch.

"doyeon-ah, i-i'm-"

"STAY AWAY FROM HER." youngmin shouted at woojin, making the girl flinched at the shout. "I'M THE ONE WHO SHE LOVES. SO, BACK OFF."


"YOU KNOW WHAT?" doyeon cut them with a shout as well, ignoring the pain from her cheek when she shouted. "you two should go find another person to love, someone who deserves you, and leave me alone. two of you."

with that, doyeon went inside her apartment lobby, leaving the two boys in front of her apartment in silence. she slammed the door behind her and bawled her eyes out as she laid her back on the door.

and now, she has to learn how to let him go for the second time right after she learned how to love him again.


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