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"so, we sort of kissed."

yoojung choked on her soju when doyeon told her about what happened over the past few days. she, of course, expected that since these two couldn't get separated. she knew doyeon and she also knew youngmin, even before she met doyeon since her stepbrother, kang dongho, is one of the closest friends of youngmin. ( who almost beat the hell of youngmin when he heard about what happened to him and doyeon, who he'd like to say her sister from another family as well. )

and yoojung was one of the cupids who helped youngmin – but then, he fucked it up and yoojung could only give him a middle finger every time she met his eyes behind doyeon's back.

"i told you, you are definitely not over him even after all these years." yoojung said in a matter-of-fact tone as she poured the soju to their glasses. "what about woojin then?"

doyeon shrugged her shoulders as she lowered her eyes from her best-friend to her glass in between her fingers and drank her soju in one shot. all she wanted right now it's probably getting drunk so she could forget everything, even its only for a night and the next morning, she'd end up with a bitch hangover, at least for once, for a night, she doesn't have to think about what the others' feelings.

"you know dude, you were so pretty when you were with youngmin."

the image of her trying to put a small amount of makeup and did her hair every morning to look pretty in front of youngmin replayed in doyeon's mind and it made her scoff, finding herself weird now that she thought about it. she also remembered being a ball of a mess when they broke up; dark circles under her eyes, messy bun every day, and getting skinnier when she was already that thin. – and that made her wonder, how can woojin found her beautiful when she looked like that?

"well, that's because i used makeup." doyeon replied while pouring herself a drink.

"true," yoojung nodded her head, "but the point is, you didn't try to get woojin's attention like what you did when you were with youngmin – was it because you knew that he likes you already so you're not even trying?"

doyeon was about to defend herself, but what yoojung said is true. she never really tried to look pretty again for woojin, although she felt a lot better when woojin was right beside her, making her feel secure in between his strong arms. maybe she couldn't differentiate between comfortable and love. maybe she has never been in love with woojin after all these times.

now that yoojung, her own best friend, made her sound like a total self-centered bitch when it comes to woojin and his feeling for her, she decided to get drunk tonight and think about the answer of yoojung's question tomorrow. although she hoped that she won't remember any of it.

after a few bottles, her drunk plan succeed. she broke down into tears while hugging her knees together and yoojung had to call the guy, who she had been chanting his name in her tears, telling him to come soon before doyeon gone wilder than she is right now.

"aih, why you're my best friend." yoojung massaged her temple before she tried to calm doyeon, who was busy letting out all the tears from her eyes. "you look so ugly by the way." and she cried harder at yoojung's comment.

the door slammed open and he searched all over the room, trying to find the drunk girl in the crowd. yoojung was the one who noticed him first, she waved her hand in the air as she shouted his name to get his attention. it took a few moment until he found yoojung and a crying doyeon with bottles of soju on their table.

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