SEVEN - 2.

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kim doyeon. she has never been the girl that he ever thought before. first, because she was the new girl in town. secondly, because they didnt have any same classes. – but well, in fact, he never really uses his memory cells to remember person's name or anything except his friends or someone that he thought would worth his memory cells, just like her in the end.

the first time he actually had a conversation with her was when he found her, on the rooftop, dancing around with her earphones on her ears. she spotted him watching her and stopped her dancing immediately. the conversation between them wasn't last that long that day, but he knew she was really happy, and the reason why? it was because im youngmin, the basketball star, asked her on a date. and that day, he found her, looking really beautiful. was it because she's in love with someone? or was she always this pretty?

and the second time he had a conversation with her when he found her, again, on the rooftop, but that time, she was hugging her knees tightly to her chest and she was crying. it was only three months apart since the first time he talked to her.

"he was only playing." she stuttered and he could only pat her side without replying anything. she wouldn't be fine anyway even if he said everything will be fine.

ever since that day, woojin always had his eyes on doyeon when he spotted her while thinking about her condition from afar. but doyeon hid her feelings well and he knew that. so instead of hoping, he did something that hyungseob said could make a girl happy – which is being a tsundere.

"kim doyeon?" he called out her name as he peeked his head through the door as the other students, who were having a lunch had a little hard attack when they saw woojin.

doyeon, who was busy eating her sandwich, raised her head up only to find the guy with a chocolate milk on his hand as he called her. she knitted her eyebrows in confused while wiping her mouth before she came up to him.

"they said chocolate could bring your mood up." he said, handing the chocolate milk to her hand. "see ya."

and with that, he left her, dumbfounded, to his class which placed next to her. she looked down to the chocolate milk, tilting her head a little in confused.

and it happened for almost a month. he'd be standing there, giving her either a chocolate, a jelly, a lollipop, anything that's sweet with saying that it'd help lift up her mood. well, it is, not because of the sweets, but because of the sender.

"park woojin," she called out his name in a happy tone when he was about to do it first. she stuck out her hand with a cheeky smile. he let out a small cackle and handed her the milk tea this time. "park woojin, thank you." she smiled widely, showing him almost all her teeth.

"always be happy, kim doyeon."

"is that even possible though?" she laughs bitterly.

he nodded his head confidently, "as long as i'm here with you. i'll make that possible."

for doyeon, woojin is her safety blanket. he will always there to prevent her from having a bad day. he would be the one that she could rely on anytime. and her friends were always asking her why didn't they both date each other and she'd only shrug her shoulders, leaving them with no answer. the idea of dating him had never come upon her mind because she was still scared of another heartbreak. and woojin knew about that.

but for him, as long as he could be with her, he will be with her. as long as he could be with her, he will always be the one who would wipe her tears because of the guy, he would be the one who will lend his arm for her to sleep on the rooftop, he would be the one who gives her a warm hug, he would be the one who would walk her home in the evening, and he would be the one who wouldn't let anyone, especially youngmin, to hurt her.


they grew closer and closer, to an extent where doyeon might probably have a feeling for woojin. they walked side by side with their hands brushing each other yet none of them had the courage to grab it.

"kim doyeon," he turned his head to her as they stopped their tracks in front of her house, "i have one last wish before i go to japan, can you grant it?"

doyeon shrugs her shoulder lightly, "of course, woojin. anything that would make you happy. what is it?"

he pulled the girl by the waist without a warning, pressing their bodies to each other so there is no gap left between them. he stared down at her lips, her plump red cherry lips before he went up to her eyes. as if she knew what about to happen, she shut her eyes tightly, waiting for something on top of her lips.

one, two, three.

he pressed his lips to her forehead for a moment, as gently as he could be, with his hands cupped her face. he then moved to her eyes, leaving a small peck on both of her eyes, then to her nose, and both of her cheeks. he showered her face with kisses, anywhere, but her lips.

woojin stroked her lips with his thumb as she opened her eyes slowly. "no, close it." he ordered.

she closed her eyes once again and he leaned closer to her face before tilting his head a little and pressing his lips on top of her plump lips gently. it took a moment for her to kissed him back and when she did, he knew, there will always be a chance for him to be in her heart. he kissed her deeper and it left her with a deeper heartbreak as she knew this wasn't a first kiss that everyone dreamt of, this was a first kiss that could be their last kiss as well. it was a goodbye kiss that doyeon never wanted.

when he pulled away, he rested his forehead on hers, smiling. "kim doyeon," he breathed out, "don't forget about me and the next time i see you, i will make you mine."

doyeon bit her lips to hold her from crying before she hugged him tightly, not wanting to let him go to leave her to study abroad. although he might come back in three years, time could change anything without we realize it or not, without we want it or not.

just like how they lost contact a few months after he left to japan as she was busy moving to seoul and he was busy with his things there as well, just like how they could only look at each other's facebook profile that they never really use, and just like im youngmin, the one who hurts her the most, come back to her life.

but now that both of them are back into her life.

which one will she choose? will it be the one who is trying to glue all the pieces of the heart that he broke? or the one who was handling with the heart he never breaks?



and IM THINKING FOR MAKING DONGHYUN'S FICT. YES OR NAY. it'd be a fluff one i guess HMMMMM or would you prefer angst???

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