Anahita's Perspective

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Red. Again.

I blew out the air, dropping the pregnancy kit in the sink. So now it has been established and certified that I am contributing to the national population at a very uniform rate by getting pregnant after every two years. The thought itself is so bitter to accommodate that I am pregnant now, for the third time in my six year conjugal life.

Are two bunnies less to look after that I invited one more? I thought embarrassed and rubbed my forehead staring at the kit as if severe laser vision will alter the results. Let's face the fact Anu, you've fucked up and now you're knocked up.

This steady performance is surely going to receive a hearty applaud by our families but it definitely will earn me thousands of middle fingers by all the independent women who worship their body shape. I couldn't match the slightest.

It is recent when I finally got discharged from diaper duties and have sculpted my - semi deflated, balloon - body in considerably plausible figure and here we go again.

The fact that my being pregnant is just 'my' phase of transformation and Yuvraaj will still look smoky hot and well, so much classic Yuvraaj makes me so angry on him. By getting me pregnant, he wouldn't have to bear the 'peer pressure'. Hell, not everything he will eat get down to restore in his ass. He'll still be ripped and I'll sweat my post natal fat in gym.

"Fuck, Ms. Bennet! What a stupid mess I am." I chastised myself, nibbling on my lip. Apparently the recent role-play obsession landed me here and I smiled, masochistically that I'll probably do it again if he dares to drop one more Mr. Darcy look at me.

Despite my consent, my conscience was already rattling the characteristic peculiarities one could notice in a pregnant woman, especially the catchy mention of fat layer in the rear which was already very dense. Angry or not, I was also semi nervous over the response of Yuvraaj.

I mean he'll probably cry - out of happiness unequivocally as it has been twice when he did that already - hiding in the bathroom or anywhere away from me or perhaps he'll beat the trumpet this time which he couldn't do when I was with Anay.

Leaning, I splashed water on my face, washing my languor. My radiant face gawked back at me through the mirror; it had a glow - motherly glow and I was starting to embrace the fact wholeheartedly. Despite my mini meltdown over the situation, my lips formed an airily smile. "Congrats, mommy. You're bringing a new life once again."

I blamed my shyness and teasing for the rueful welcome of the kid but I was ecstatic. As a matter of fact, I've loved Yuvraaj so much that if he could get me with a child till my biological clock was ticking, I would gladly allow him. However, I didn't plan to do so. Three is a big number itself but I just hoped this time we get a girl. I couldn't let his devil sperm multiply in the form of his miniatures.

But before that, I'll slaughter him once I see him. I fumed but on second thoughts, perhaps his gorgeous face will make slaughter me in more than one way.

Snatching the towel from the cabinet, I emerged from the bathroom and threw it on the loveseat. My room so far is the most tranquil space - when my kids are asleep - and I try to do as much work as I can within those blissful hours because once they're up, they make me grovel for petty things.

Karma, I believe, they call it.

Anay was sleeping spread eagled and I adjusted pillows around him. Snoring peacefully, he looks the cutest kid in the world but he is actually a typhoon dated two years and four year tornado must've been making his granny bawl her eyes out. I smiled at their over energetic stamina that matched their father but in different domains. I dropped a kiss on his forehead and tuck him in duvet. I scrambled down the bed and looked around. The room was...pristine.

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