Chapter 30

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"Okay, now. I am done." Anahita panted, crouching low and breathed through her nose heavily. She eyed those other hikers incredulously who were steeping like rangers.

"Get up yaar." Yuvraaj pulled her on her feet, "It's just a few meters away. If they rush away, we will lost the track."

"But I don't wanna go there." Anahita whimpered, her lower lip rolled out and she fisted his shirt in her hands. "My thighs are burning. I can't do it anymore."

"You've barely covered two hundred meter. So cry me a river. We're going to pull this off." Yuvraaj waved his hand dismissively taking lead.

"But my jelly legs says otherwise." Anahita pushed the bangs behind her ear and rubbed her foot with another leg.

"Well your legs are wrong, pick up the pace."

"Show some sympathy, Yuvraaj." Anahita tugged his hair, bouncing with his back when Yuvraaj paused. She twitched her lips, rubbing her nose. Reality washed over her like a waterfall, soaking her in anticipation of the awful consequences. Yuvraaj pivoted on his heels. It was a slow-mo for Anahita. She could read his deviant, revengeful eyes resting on her face.

"I am sorry. It was a reflex. I didn't mean to ruin your hair do. Show me, I will do it for you." Instantly, she weaved her fingers in his hair messing them more. Yuvraaj tried to hold her wrists but she jerked his hands away, falling in the suit of a hair dresser and fine combed his hair.

"Anahita, it's okay." Yuvraaj purled, edging her efforts. Anahita rolled her lips down, beseeching with her eyes. "Sorry."

Yuvraaj formed a lopsided grin at her and tousled her hair. "I told you it's alright. Come on, now! We have to hike up." He glommed her hand onto his and ascended the knoll.

"Why are you so adamant on climbing there on the top? I don't even see the point now." She huffed, matching with his pace. "My legs are cramping now. Yuvraaj, please let's go back."

"Anahita, we've been in the lodge for six days and now when the weather is pleasant, you're being picky instead of enjoying." Yuvraaj dissuaded. Anahita's constant nagging was rubbing him on the wrong side of his. She yielded to his wishes, rolling her eyed at his stubbornness. At best, she could pray to the Lord for not fusing any bizarre concept of 'enjoy'.

"Um..why are we going there anyway? Is the view good from there?" She tried to cover the distance with small talks.

"Who said we're going there for sightseeing?" Yuvraaj was surprised at her question. Anahita steeled her nerves to get ready for the heart pounding answer and it came being a bang.

"Ever heard of bungee jumping?" Anahita's feet solidified on the ground as she heard his enthusiastic voice. The ground beneath her feet slipped off and she banged her forehead for getting married to an adventure enthusiast.

"Please tell me that it's a dream and I am still sleeping." She implored, cracking her knuckles and held his eyes.

"Should I pinch you?"

"At least, show some mercy now Yuvraaj."

"In your dream sweetheart."


Anahita glared at the mirror, buttoning her seventh dress and looked murderous, "I swear if you reject this one. I will kill you."

She scamped out of the bathroom. Yuvraaj glanced up from his cellphone, examining her. His eyes scrutinising her and his eyes held that look which spoke of dissent, "This is the seventh dress and you're still not do I put it...good."

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