Chapter 3

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“I am not going to marry him.” Anahita announced, dropping her bags on the floor. Mr. and Mrs. Maurya glanced at each other, preparing themselves for another episode of Anahita’s reluctance.

“How was your shopping?” Mrs. Maurya asked, getting up to collect the bags and Anahita rubbed her forehead. “It was good but…”

“Who dropped you?”

“Yuvraaj and I want to….”

“Didn't you ask him to come inside?” Her father inserted.

“Yes, I did but he was in haste because he have a meeting to attend early morning. Now will you please listen to me?” She lied the first part and yelled throwing her hands in air.

“Okay but before that, have this.” Her father dropped a whole piece of Rashogulla in her mouth. Anahita stared at him in surprise, endeavouring to chew the sweet delicacy.


She nodded, cupping her chin to prevent the sweet liquid falling on her dress. “But dad…”

“I know what happened. I know why you're angry but he was just joking.” Mr. Maurya supported Yuvraaj. Anahita narrowed her eyes. Did Yuvraaj just feed her parents with lies?

She waited and gulped down the Rashogulla. “He was not. He emptied all my clothes and inspected them disregarding my privacy and not only this, he made fun of my dressing sense.”

“Let it be, Anahita. He was joking otherwise why would he call us and apologized.” Her mom told Anahita.

She almost choked. “He called and apologized?”

“Yes. Now come and have your dinner. You are cranky when you are empty stomach.” Anahita rolled her eyes when her mom dragged her to the dining table and served food. Once again, her family supported Yuvraaj, neglecting her and her feelings. She silently finished her dinner and squeezed herself on the sofa with her cousins. She cringed at their excitement; everyone had their plans up for her wedding. What would they wear? How would they look? Blah! Blah!

“Mom, I am retiring to my room. I am really tired.” Anahita yawned and cracked her neck getting up from the sofa.

“Okay, you should sleep. We have a long day ahead. I am really worried how will I manage all the preparations and your dad helps me nothing.” Mrs. Maurya blabbered without taking her eyes off the letter pad.

Anahita shook her head and staggered to her room. She stuffed the shopping bags in the cupboard and made bed. She was halfway through changing her clothes when her cellphone buzzed. She did her task and grudgingly pick up the call.

“What's it?” She came to the point.

“I've been wondering if you are free tomorrow.” Yuvraaj drawled.

“No I am not.”

“Okay, in that case, take out some time for me. I am buying you the breakfast.”

“You don't have to. I am hanging up now.”

“Anahita. I was joking, stop being a spitfire.” He cackled and Anahita twitched her lips.

“I am hanging up.”

“And, I will you show you what actual strangulation means after our marriage.” He husked, hitching her breath.

“Do me a favour and disappear from this planet before I kill you because I am not very fan of your game.” The venomous serpent lashed in her veins and she spat.

Yuvraaj laughed carelessly, belittling her. “And if by chance I survived, get ready for a night way more tortuous than this.”

“You wish!” She muttered.

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