Chapter 9

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Yuvraaj clenched his jaw at the supreme insult. It was a hard blow to his ego. He knew he was handsome and that just didn't need any certification but the clear rejection on his face was a bit too brutal to bear.

"Done? Now get out of my way." Yuvraaj snapped, grabbing her shoulder and aside her.

Anahita turned to him, "Listen I don't care about what you wear and how. It's just as long as I am going to stay in your room. I want you to..."

"What you said?" Yuvraaj intervened, pondering. "My room, right? So the place where you are standing in my room." He looked around making Anahita frown.


"Yeah so, if I roam around with a towel, I can because this is my room and if I fancy to roam striped, I can do that even." He smirked at her.

Anahita twitched her lips, "Disgusting!"

Yuvraaj whistled  round getting ready and disappeared inside the wardrobe with his pants.

"A girl is living with you, have some decency." Anahita shouted.

"That girl is my wife!" Yuvraaj shouted back.

"Then this goes both ways. Even I can roam in a towel because you are my husband and legally, this is my room as well." She said in jiffy and her eyes widened the next moment. She wrapped her palm on her mouth but the damage was done.

Yuvraaj peeked out staring at her in disbelief, "My pleasure! I would really love to see you that way. Trust me you've just excited my imaginations."
He chuckled coming out and Anahita blushed scarlet, she immediately took her cellphone and waltzed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Yuvraaj's faint laughter fell in her ears and she, herself, laughed at her stupidity.

Leaning against the parapet, she inhaler sharply to calm her fastened heartbeats and rubbed her cheeks to get rid of the uninvited red hue. That lucky cool breeze in summer morning caressed her face, letting all the tendrils blow on her face.

"Stupid! Idiot! Couldn't you shut your mouth at all? You just made yourself a fool before him and that dog is going to tease you for that all your life." She monologued, perplexedly.

All your life? Anahita, you're with him for five weeks only. Somewhere in her brain a prudent voice inferred.

"Yeah right! I'm not going to live with that leech all my life." She rolled her eyes, "Only four weeks and two days has left."

Thoughts led her to Mukund and on cue, her cellphone buzzed with his call. Anahita smiled glancing at the caller ID. Such an amazing guy, he never failed to call her.

"Hello!" Anahita took the call flaunting her perfect thirty two teeth. "I was just thinking about you."

"Thinking about me or missing me?"

"Missing you too much. Like always, you managed to talk to me." She whooped.

"That's called telepathy, baby. Anyway, I've a good news for you."

"Are you coming back?" Anahita jumped to conclusion. Her excitement drained out when she heard a painful sigh. ", I mean yes but not now. Anu, I will come but now is not the time."

"What's the good news?" She asked plainly, ignoring his words.

"Head of my department has decided to recommend my name for the promotion and I might be getting a hike in the salary." Mukund said enthusiastically.

"That's great. Congratulations!" Anahita congratulated stereotypically with no fervor in her voice.

"Anahita! You're not happy?" Mukund sensed the mirthless tone of hers.
Anahita sighed, rubbing her neck. "It's not that. I am happy but...what do you expect from me, Mukund? I mean like what should I do? Should I throw a party for your immense success or should I drum for it?"

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