Chapter 39

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"It was all my fault. I should have told you last night. I should've not hurt you. I should've not given you so much space to leave me." Yuvraaj swabbed his tears and hid his face in his palms. He started having cold feet. Perhaps, it was how it had to ended. Maybe, he wasn't made for her. Yet, there was a lot to say to her. It was left to give her credit for filling his life with her giggles and kisses. It was left to tell her that he was in bliss having her in his arms. It was left to remind her that she must not trust anyone so easily. It was left to warn her not to get close to wrong person.

Yuvraaj had realised it correctly that she was a kid by heart. Still a twelve years old who fought with her over a cola can. Foremost, he was yet to tell her that he loved her. But she wasn't there and he missed her.

Like he missed her all these years.

She was gone.

"I failed mom. I failed to keep my wife happy. I failed in treasuring your Sunbai." He gathered himself together. A big task was ahead. He had to explain everyone, he needed to divulge this to her parents and his as well. He was yet to face the music.

"I won't forgive you for this Anahita. I won't forgive you ever." He pledged and sauntered to get out of the place where her memories were painted. He could practically see her peeking out of bathroom or sleeping on the bed peacefully. It was haunting him.

The moment he opened the door, his heart skipped a beat. Anahita was standing on the door, with her hand in the air and a quizzical look on her face. Noticing her, Yuvraaj's life came back to him running and his inner world sparkled. She couldn't send him a smile once she took in his look. Red eyes, disheveled hair, elbow folded shirt with top buttons open and a very passive look painted over his face.

"What has happened to you?" She quirked her eyebrow at him.

"Why are you here?" Anahita blinked severely registering what he uttered through his greeted teeth. Wasn't it their suite? She peeked at the door. She was at right doorstep.

"What do you mean what I'm doing here?" She countered, moving past him and made herself in. "But that's besides point, first tell me what has happened to you?"

"Why do you even care? Take whatever stuff you've and go. I know why you're here." He looked away, feeling weak to face her because if he did, he would end up crushing her in tight hug.

"Yuvraaj," Anahita closed their distance and rubbed his arm, keeping her head upon his shoulder, "What has happened to you? Why are you behaving like this?"

It didn't take him two seconds to jerk her away and pin her to the wall, with her hands above her head.

"Yuvraaj, what are you doing?" Her eyes widened as she felt him breathing rashly and without a preamble, Yuvraaj crashed his lips upon hers, pulling her in a earth shattering kiss, almost like punishing her. He didn't give a chance to her to breath and overheard her surprised moans. Like a warrior, his tongue fought with hers, even though, she didn't resist him, he bit her lip, with every ounce of power to the point of drawing blood.

Anahita was confused yet she didn't fight his kiss and succumbed almost instantly. She was already missing him when he rested his head against hers, still not leaving her hands. Their chests collided when they desperately tried to fill in the void of oxygen and once, Yuvraaj respired enough to hold his breath, his lips found hers again but this time, Anahita resisted his touch. She needed answers first for his dubious behavior before letting him punish her. Not that, she would've minded if her sole punishment was going to be this breathtaking and sensual.

She tried to push his body with hers and squirmed when he flushed her more into him, her hands wriggled under his grip and mewl of protests slipped past her throat. Satiated, Yuvraaj left her mouth and glared her only to be melt seeing her puppy face.

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