Chapter 34

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As amiable gust of breeze caressed her languid frame, she became nostalgic, the last episode she enjoyed with Yuvraaj in waters caricatured in her mind. The phosphorescent surface of water enticed her and a sob spurted out of her mouth. She was missing him. She was still missing the curse of her life. She knew how happy they were. She knew it was bliss. Momentarily. And the moment was gone, they were back to square one.

"I hate you bloody Yuvraaj Prakash." She muttered, despondently and kicked the waves. "You don't even trust me but still, I love you, moron. You're a bastard, sonuvabitch. I fucking hate you. Why the hell do you have to be the one who always hurts me?"

Defeated, she collapsed on her rare and dragged her knees closer to her chest, being unmindful of the waves drenching her slacks and making her shudder. Soon enough, her body became immune to it and she rested her palm rocking her backwards.

"Ah!" A wince fell out in the surroundings as broken piece of shell pushed in her soft palm and endowed a cut, making the sleek line of blood gushing out. She pulled out the shell and tossed it away before pressing her palm to block the flow of blood.

"I am the unluckiest girl alive on this planet earth." She chided and fell on her back, staring at the thick cloud dispersed sky and the full moon playing hide and seek with the night. It was serene. She wished to share the view with Yuvraaj. She wouldn't mind if he was laying next to her now but that was wishful thinking. There was no going back. They both had to separate and the way he reminded of five weeks, it was certain how desperately he needed to flush her out of his life.

The sand sticking to her body didn't bother her as her mind paved back to the Villa where they probably would've been cuddling on the bed wrapped in duvet together if Yuvraaj hadn't been such lamebrain. She didn't regret anything but the lack of trust. How could he think she was probably playing the happy wife along with staying in contacts with Mukund! Probably, she held that place only in his eyes. A reckless infidel corrupted woman.

The thought was so bitter that tears surfaced in her eyes and her strength of keeping them on hold ebbs like a tide. Having no one at your support makes you so vulnerable that the little support you get makes you warms you like a home. Yuvraaj was her home. He treated her a human who has the right to take decisions of her own life. She loved him for that. The trust and affection her family failed in providing, he drenched her in that abundantly. He was the shoulder she cried upon, he was the man she called hers and he was the same man who hurt her and left her broken.

If Yuvraaj was malevolent before, he elevated one more step in becoming sadistic. For to get hurt from him was much easier than bearing the look or betrayal in his eyes. Having his enough whimsicality had constantly probed her heart to such extent that the delusive line between love and hate, she had heard of, became vanished for her. She fell in love with his shameless teasing, relentless seduction, contagious caring and merciless charm.

Wiping her tears of fragility, anguish and anger, she blocked him there and decided to keep him off her mind. She was not going back to him definitely, not after he asked her to get out. She fisted her palm, recalling his audacity of wantonly having affair with a random woman and his guts to kiss her with his damn mouth. He needed to get that slap.

"That bloody woman is the eclipse in my happy married life." She muttered, bitterly. "It was my mistake of letting her step in our life. First my bed and now my husband, she took it all. Bitch!"

Breathing hard, she stood up and rubbed off the sand stuck upon her wet body. Picking up her boots, she was about to plod back cursing the woman when an unmistaken moan made her halt in her steps. Alert, she looked around. Not a soul was visible to the limit of sight her vision allowed. Shrugging she proceeded in her way when the frequency of moans increased. Blinking her eyes rapidly, she flexed her body towards the rocks and took vigilant steps heading to the direction. With every step taken, the voices became vivid and she stopped for a moment.

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