Chapter 35

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Gasps left her throat as Anahita intook the cataclysmic room and her eyes narrowed, doubled to its size in horror. She covered her mouth in fear as she witnessed their suitcases thrown at the extreme ends of the room with their contents scattered all over the room. Some of his stuff was ruined brutally, for instance, his deodoriser, hair gel, even her favourite watch. Mattress was sprawled on the ground and cushions were tamped in the small void between wardrobe and wall. She did a quick review of the hotel property being damaged but was relieved that it was not up to the mark where they had to pay for it.

A part of her stuttered like a leaf but another part was relieved a bit. At least, he tried to vent out his anger. If he was bottling it up, it could've been more dangerous than the debacle she was clapping her eyes upon. Her restive eyes were longing to get a glimpse of Yuvraaj.

"Yuvraaj!" She breathed out, contemplative as she spotted him standing upon the deck, against the wooden balustrade and facing the ocean.

Exhaling loud and clear, Yuvraaj was trying to calm himself, he felt emasculated yet contented. Emasculated because he couldn't grip his wife when she dared to slap him and contented because he didn't pick any means to be a tyrant and let her pave her own way.

The point of discreet was, how is he going to explain it to their family? What would be his answer when they'll ask about Anahita? For he knew that she wouldn't come back. What is he probably going to concoct? No way, would he fess up everything and bring her to mortification!

His forehead creased as he skimmed through the possibilities he could offer them, he closed his eyes and rubbed his face, tiringly glancing at the shimmering ocean under moonlight.

Precisely, the moment door unlatched and he turned to see who it was, not prepared for the push that followed once he opened the glass door, he jerked aback to see Anahita before him and latching the door behind her.

"What....are you doing here? Ain't you..."

"I left something." She was in hurry, scrutinizing his face with unadulterated emotions.


Silence seeped in through the layers of air around them and thickened, enveloping them in an soothing embrace. Two beautiful orbs declined to look away from each other and Anahita stepped closer, still not wavering her gaze.

"You don't know?"

"What I don't know?"

She looked down, gulping and blinked rapidly, nipping her lip, "That..." She began, with a sigh, "That you're the one I left behind." She punctuated her words looking at his eyes again.

They warmed up, striking to the fullest, dilating with pleasure but something held him back, ceased his instinctual actions. Yuvraaj crossed his arms, "Is it some kind of joke?"


"Because if it is, it's not funny. I am not someone you play with as you please. To put it in advance, I am not your marionette, get out."

She held her ears, raising face at him with her twinkling eyes, "I am sorry. I know you are angry and I promise, I won't wince a bit if you berate me, not a word of abnegation would spur out of my mouth but give me one chance to explain."

"Get out Anahita, there's nothing to be explain." He said frostily and moved to abscond when she touched his shoulder only to have her hand jerked back.

"Yuv...Yuvraaj!" Swallowing, she again touched his shoulder as he didn't respond and stroked his broad shoulder line to calm him down. "Yuvraaj, please listen to me. I am really really sorry for whatever I've done. Please just once!"

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