Chapter 23

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This chapter is dedicated to my lovely friend, Sammy (Sameshaikh123) for the competency of her birthday.


"I am all alone. No one wants me, no one cares what I want. You're the only person who is standing by me, so just don't leave me." She glanced up at him with glossy eyes. "I am not requesting you. I just want you to be with me on your wish. Stay with me."

Thrill and fervor of care shot up through Yuvraaj's spine and his heart fluttered in his ribcage. After three weeks, his wife confessed that she needed him and it was actually very surprising that a girl who didn't want to stay with him for a sane moment was asking to stay with her.

"Say something!" She whined, palming his cheek and made him trance out.

With his earnest breath, he nodded. "I will never leave you. Even if you desperately want to leave me, I will bend you up and bind up with me. Understood?"

"I won't go." She murmured, boring her eyes deep in his and Yuvraaj smirked, "Don't abnegate then."

He blew her hair and kissed her forehead. Recovering her breath, Anahita stood on the balls of her feet and rested her head against him. "I thought you left me because I demanded your card and because you wanted to go to coast."

"If I were to leave you, I wouldn't be here with you. Above all, I had many others reasons to leave you than those you mentioned." He simpered, rubbing his nose against hers. Yuvraaj clasped her palm, perfectly molding her fingers against him and kissed her with knuckles, "Now stay with me like a good baby and don't leave my hand. I am certain you can't even take care of you but before that let's eat something first and then we shall proceed with shopping."

Pursing her lips, Anahita smiled softly and shook her head. "No. I want to go back to hotel."

"Why? I am with you. Why are you afraid? I won't leave you."

"Still. I want to go back." She pressed.

"Fine!" He succumbed before her, "But we will have dinner here because this hide and seek has left me exhausted. Okay?"

With a brief nod, Anahita rubbed her face with one hand and sauntered close to him. Her eyes inching up on Yuvraaj time and time again. Unknown to her, her cheeks turned red as the scene of her breaking down revolved before her eyes.

"Um...Yuvraaj.." She crooned measuring up her words and was greeted by a very coherent nod, compelling her to proceed, "I...whatever....happened there.'t mean that. I mean .."

"I know what you mean, don't worry, I had said those words just to calm you." He interjected to avoid her reluctance. His repellency didn't fit good with her.

Frowning, Anahita yanked his hair and grunted. "I said that about you leaving me for a card. Not about other things and you don't have to comfort me with lies, alright?"

"How dare you..." Yuvraaj glared her, ready to pounce on her for her belligerent act of pulling his hair in public but Anahita didn't give him chance to retort and shoved him in the adjacent wall, trapping her with arms either side of him.

"How dare me?" She slapped his arm, "How dare you? Why did you say you lie? Huh! See, Yuvraaj, you're not doing any noble cause if you're with me, Alright? I am your wife."

Shock was evident on Yuvraaj's face as he witnessed the enraged Anahita, almost stapling on him.

"Who am I?" She asked, frowning and rested her elbow on his shoulder. "I am your wife. Legally and officially. It doesn't matter for a week or two but I am your only wife and only I have rights on your everything. Do you get that?" She brilliantly broached up the topic of his money as well. "Why did you even have to pace up yourself there? I was lost in thoughts and that's why I couldn't see you but you should've looked back once, to check if I am there or not." She gripped his chin. "And now since you have found me, you are lying. How could you?"

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