Yuvraaj's Perspective

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There's three people in my life I love to the core and with my every fiber - One, my mom because, hey, don't you know that? It's because she is a sweetheart and I am hard in love with her, she brought me to the world. That's the best she could do.

Two, my kids. The reason is obvious because they are a part of me, most part of me and I have created them with love. That's the best I can do.

Third, my grumpy, idiotic and naive wife because...let's skip this part, you'll see a year passing by if I come to narrate it. That's the worst my heart could do. Falling in love with her, I mean but the idea was so deep imbibed in me that I couldn't control and fell hard. I tripped hard and that's an appropriate term. She deliberately came in my life and tripped me for her because no sane person was going to love the wreck that she is.

In retrospection, I am not sane.

So, unlike my first and second love, the love story that I have created with my last love is actually a big bang theory and it would scientist to extract logic in this. Go figure.

The pattern was so hilarious that now even lying in bed, I'm sneering and I'm afraid if the kids wake up, their sweet cheek mum will hurry in and throttle me. The course of our journey till here was a rollercoaster because my 'madam' wasn't interested in me and when she did become interested, the whole world conspired against us.

You must have wondered how our first meeting was. Well, it was something like....

"Hey fatso," She looked back at me, swinging her ponies and frowned, "What is it?"

"Come here!" I ushered and kneeled down to the ground, picking up the plastic box she had thrown on the velvety blanket of grass. That fat, idiot.

"Just tell me what is it? I don't have much time for your crap." She said frostily, rolling her eyes.

"I'm your husband, Anahita. Follow my command."

"Wrong, you're still not my husband." She contradicted, "We are not married and I'll never marry you."

It was then I felt a huge jab in my insides and I pranced to her. "Did you just say that you will not marry me?"

"Yes, I will not." She snorted, looking away. I was marveled. That angry bird looking body, big bamboo eyes and mahogany colored pony laced my 'definitely going to be' wife had the audacity to refuse me. With one attack of my hand and I yanked her pony down, making her shriek and yell for our parents.

"Dog!" She screamed, unnecessarily and I pulled her in me. It had taken a minute for me to scoop her up in my arms and strode towards the garbage bin.

"If you don't pick the plastic box now, I'll throw you in garbage bin right away." I threatened and she narrowed her eyes, looping her hands around my neck tightly as I slowly bended down.

"No no no...I'll do that." She changed her mind and picked up the discarded plastic bag, being in my arms still, and threw it into the bin.

She scowled and pasted a faux smile, "Happy? Now put me down."

I chuckled and kissing her nose, put her back on the ground. She immediately distanced herself, swatting the imaginary dirt off her and glared me, "I hate you, Yuvraaj. I will ask baba to end this relation."

I smiled and delved my hands deep in the trouser pockets, strutting to her. She took a step back as I took one forward. Lastly when she was about to collide with a tree, I pulled her in me. She bumped against my chest. I was trying to make it muscular but mom couldn't stop putting desi makhan on my plate.

"We will get married and that's my promise to you."

"I'll get a boyfriend then and it's my promise to you." She challenged.

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