Chapter 8

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The unceremonious silence wrapped them after their little fight until a knock on the door caught Yuvraaj's attention. Not making any attempt to get the door, he called out, "Yes?"

"Dada, Aai is calling you both downstairs. There's some rituals to be performed." His little sister, Gitika informed.

"You go. We're coming after getting fresh." Yuvraaj dismissed her stoically after a few seconds and glared at anahita who was sitting on the edge across the bed, looking away.

Being sure that his sister had strolled away, he ran a rough hand through his raven black hair and sighed. His manly ego compelling him to throw the girl out who had landed him in this dubious situation and the amenable part propelled him to deal with the situation sensibly.

Taking a few minutes to process on the scenario, he averred, "Listen anahita, I don't really care what you think or do but you will do what pleases my family till the day you're here. I won't stop you if you want to go tomorrow or today but I will not tolerate if you hurt my family by any means."

Anahita snapped her neck at him and rose to her feet. "What?"

"I agree that this marriage means nothing to you but for my family, you will abide by everything and this is not a request. It is an order." Yuvraaj punctuated his words fetching the depth of coldness.

Anahita opened her mouth to protest but Yuvraaj intervened, "Now go inside the bathroom. Get changed and go downstairs like a good sunbai. Understand?"

"What if..."

"I am not taking a no as an answer. You did what you thought was right and from now on, I will do what I find right. Get ready fast." Throwing the order, Yuvraaj resumed his work on his laptop.

Anahita remained rigid in her steps and crossed her arms over her chest, not making any attempts to get ready. Sensing her stubbornness, Yuvraaj sighed raking his fingers through his hair. He glared her but she challenged him with her stare. Lastly, Yuvraaj shut down his laptop and pranced to her. "You will go inside the bathroom or not?"

"I will not."

"Fine then." Yuvraaj gripped her arm and pulled her inside the bathroom. "I will hand you your clothes once you're done." He opened the tap and pushed her under the shower.

"Woah..Yuvraaj...leave my hand, you jerk!" Anahita struggled against his grip and Yuvraaj held her hands above her head, closing the distance between them. Water cascaded over both of them, paving path from their contours to their length. Anahita stammered under his predator gaze and grudgingly looked down at their feet. Yuvraaj seized her chin in a dense grip making her look at him. "Though for five weeks but I am your husband, so talk to me with respect. Now, don't force me to do something with you that we both regret since I am aware how much you hate me."

He stepped away from the shower and wiped his face, "I will hang your clothes right outside the door, you can take them once you're done."

Anahita twitched her lips, hugging herself. Yuvraaj was about to leave but he turned. "One more thing, if you're planning to not come out, you should know that it is my room and I know how to unlock the door. So think wisely before playing smart."

He said smoothly making her gape at him. Yuvraaj took the towel from the rod and padded out of the bathroom, drying his hair. He huffed, keeping his hands on his waist. He really had gotten a wife whom he had no idea how to deal with.


Exhausted with the ritual, Anahita was allowed to rest. She really had done everything that was demanded. Being a daughter in law wasn't an easy thing. Though Anahita had met Yuvraaj's relatives numerous times before the marriage, she was expected to greet them from the scratch with a veil over her face. She failed to understand what was the use of the veil when everyone had already seen her face. Few a times, she wanted to raise objections but she didn't. Not because she was afraid of Yuvraaj but only because she didn't want to hurt her mother in law who doted on her. The guilt was there in Anahita, after her parents now she was cheating her another parents.

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