Chapter 13

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"Don't snoop." Yuvraaj warned without looking back as he put the tickets in the drawer and turned back to Anahita who was unwillingly doing his packing.

"Huh!! You don't have to hide them, I know I will not be able to cancel it because I have understood that I can't win over you. So chill!!" Anahita let out a dramatic sigh, folding the clothes.

"That's....good." Yuvraaj eyed her skeptically, she wouldn't give up easily, he knew it well.

"Okay then, goodnight!" Anahita yawned, slipping under the comforter and pulled it over her head. "I am very sleepy."

"Good night!" Yuvraaj laid down beside her after switching off the lamp. His mind was still not able to believe that she was giving up, without even trying hard.

Somewhere in the midnight, Anahita jerkily pulled out the blanket and looked at the sleeping figure beside her. Yuvraaj's calm breath told her that he was fast asleep. Slowly tiptoeing near the cupboard, she opened the document drawer vigilantly, glancing at Yuvraaj time to time to check if he was still asleep. She carefully pulled out the envelope that contained the air tickets. She grinned mischievously as she tore the tickets in two pieces, dramatically.

"No tickets! No honeymoon!" She whispered giddily and locked the cupboard back putting the torn tickets in the envelope.

"Well done Anahita, good work!" She patted her back and looked back at peacefully sleeping Yuvraaj. She strolled near him and bending a little she snapped her fingers before his eyes, fortunately enough he didn't react.

She smirked, kneeling down beside him, propping her arms near him and cupped her face, "Look at this face, how innocent. Who will say this devilishly sexy face hides a monster behind it?"

"Tch tch tch poor husband, how much you wanted to go for the honeymoon right? But baby, tickets are WHOOSH, how will you go now? Ha!" She talked, animatedly.

"I've told you, don't mess with me but no, you have to do it all the time. Like fighting with me is your oxygen but guess what husband dearest, your wife is smart." She finished her immature banter and got up, sighing.

"Now sleep peacefully because I am sure after tomorrow your nights are going to be sleepless." She turned back but a sudden pull made her startle and she shrieked. Within seconds, she got flipped over Yuvraaj and found herself crushed beneath him who was wide awake with a teasing look on his face. Anahita widened her eyes as she noticed how close he was and he'd gripped her wrist in his hand firmly, keeping another hand near her face.

" are awake?" Her voice surpassed all the boundaries of surprises.

"Mmhmm.." Yuvraaj responded, noncommittally, making her gulp. Sure of this that he'd probably seen her tearing the tickets but wait did that matter now?? No right!

She managed to grin, "Whatever! I've torn the tickets, so, by no chance, we are going tomorrow."

Yuvraaj stared at her, adorably and blew her hair from her forehead, making her shiver. Anahita started wriggling, feeling the unfamiliar sensations again.

"Get off me, you are so heavy." She cringed.

"Tearing the tickets doesn't certifies that you can escape from this honeymoon." He kept his chin over hers, subjugating her personal space. His action made both of them so close that Anahita forgot if it was his breathe she was breathing. Their lips were inches apart but Yuvraaj behaved inadvertantly. He toyed with her fingers.  

"I've already confirmed the tickets and the tickets that you tore wasn't ours. It was of my last air travel. Knowing you bit to bit, I had hidden them somewhere else."

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