Chapter 29

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I can't believe I like him. I like this utterly snobbish, proud, unapologetic human. I like this man who happened to be my assassin. I like this man soooo much.

She blinked, categorising her actions. Everything started falling in place; why she was angry when he helped that woman, why was she restless when he mentioned his 'yet to become ex' girlfriend, why she was feared when she was alone in the market, why was she woebegone when he said that he would get married again.

"Shit shit shit!" She squealed throwing the blanket away in surprise. Her abrupt yelling gave a close shave to Yuvraaj from a cardiac attack who was now drawing his lunch to a close, drinking water. 

"What the hell? What's wrong with you?"

She jumped on her feet, grinning like an idiot, "Yuvraaj!"

"What has gotten into you, Anahita?" He measured his words, frowning and got up. "Are you alright?"

"I want to go with this feeling I have." She murmured coyly, coming closer to him and her cheeks painted red as she put her hands on his broad shoulders, "But before that, I want to thank you."

Shocked to his core, Yuvraaj wasn't able to comprehend what she was willing to. "What for?"

"For everything!" Glancing back and forth in his eyes, she traced her hands from his shoulders to his hair before braiding the distance between them and claiming his lips. It could be incredible if detailed, they were not kissing. Their lips were on each other's but no one was moving them.

Retreating on her place, she matched his surprised gaze, "I know you are planning to tease me. I was overwhelmed, so I something."

"Huh?" It was the response of Certified Flirt Yuvraaj who never bothered to smile shy was gaping her as if she had grown two horns. The fact was, having his wife displaying affection for him was he hadn't found real. Clearly, it was he who planned to make their days happy because Anahita's hatred for him was wide known.

"You mean it?" He asked, composing himself. Wordlessly, she nodded compelling him to absorb her in a bone crushing hug, leaving no room for air to troll between them and she breathed in content in his embrace, "Just don't leave me ever. Even if I am wrong, give me a chance to explain myself but just don't listen to what everyone says. Don't leave me alone."

"I will never!" He kissed her hair, "Even if you beg me to." She smiled at his authoritative reassurance.

"To return the favour, I promise to try not to fight with you." She winked at him.

"That would be best and I promise to not get angry."


Blaring in anger, Anahita entered the Villa with a storm as if she was going to murder someone then and there in cold blood. Yuvraaj followed her with irritation, "At least care to tell me what's wrong with you, Lady?"

Wordlessly, she slammed open the door of bedroom and bolted it back behind her, almost hurting Yuvraaj's nose. "What's wrong with me? Hah! Go and ask that fucking woman." She threw her heels on the floor, yelling.

"Who?" Yuvraaj managed to escape the miniscule chances of hurt and jostled the door aside, forcing himself in, "Julie? Oh c'mon, it was just a coincidence. You know that."

He approached her but she pushed him back, "Coincidence? Yeah, of course it was! Throwing her body on you, giving those seductive looks and being a complete bitch troll on me was just a mere coincidence, right?"

"Anahita, you're overreacting." He certified, "She just brought back some old memories."

"Of course, why leave any chances to get into your pants?" She threw her hands in the air, agitated, "And you too had a merry time with her while I was standing there on the corner like a stupid fucking mannequin."

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