Chapter 12

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Stranded in her inner turmoil, Anahita was not able to comprehend what was happening. Mukund had left her mind once again alike the evening in her home where Yuvraaj had imprinted his touch on her for the first time. He hated her, she was sure but at the same time, it was completely washing over her head why his touch, his eyes and his voice made her believe the contrast. She wasn't able to name what was happening to her, she just knew it was dangerous but the intensity of this danger was unfathomed. The uncertainty of the moment didn't occur to her. She could've pushed him because she was strong but the thought didn't cross her mind when his lips contacted her skin.

"Open your eyes." At Yuvraaj's command, Anahita gawked at him, mystified.

Yuvraaj smiled, "So now you understand that even if I want to have my way with you, you can't do anything."

"If I touch you here..." He pinched her waist, earning a gasp. "Or if I kiss you here." He placed a soft lingering peck on her rib cage just below her chest, making her eyes travel the back of her head, "Or maybe if I bite you here," He gently tugged the skin at the hollow of her neck unintentionally spotting her weak nerve making her moan with approachability, swelling his heart in pride. "You can't do anything."

Pulling back, Yuvraaj feasted his eyes upon her craving body that was coiling in need. Her hair were disheveled, her orbs were dilated and her heart was drumming against his own ear. She was beneath him, at the moment of weakness, just like he imagined. His own restraint seemed to loosen up.

"Now," He leaned into her ear, his warm breath tingled her insides. He gently nipped her earlobe, making her close her eyes. "If I take you right here, right in my bed."

"You can't to anything." With that, he crept off her and picked up his shirt moving around before he could really put his words to action. Missing the warmth of body, Anahita groaned and opened her eyes. Yuvraaj was buttoning his shirt without looking at her. Her mind took several minutes to register what just happened. Yuvraaj smirked at her bedraggled state.

Scowling, Anahita jerked up on the bed and stretched some nerves in her neck in the process. She winced at the movement. Yuvraaj rolled up his sleeves up till his elbows and finger combed his hair. Both were too silent only the sound of empty silence was ringing in their ears. Yuvraaj was guilty and satisfied at the moment. He was guilty to enjoy her vulnerability and leave her desired but he was satisfied because his manly ego was boosted up with her fragrance and feather touches. He had the pride a husband gets while touching his wife, the satisfaction he holds by keeping her close.

Blushing, Anahita straightened her dress while her cheeks were warm under his teasing stare that never left her body and she clutched the sides of her top not being able to look into his eyes. Embarrassed at herself, she lowered her head and shut her eyes still sitting immobile.

Yuvraaj reached his hand out and tipped her chin. "So now when you know that what I can do, don't give me mock threats because maybe next time, I am going to pull off what I started." He punctuated his words by swiping her hair off her face.

"I am the ruler here, Anahita." He touched her thick lashes, clenching her insides with this innocent act. "And I hope that you know about how a ruler rules."

Anahita kept staring him with cherry red cheeks in mortification. No one had ever affected her this much and she felt that each action he did, was a seduction for her. Each word he said was hypnotic for her, pulling her to him.

"Now be a good wife that I am sure you are not and start packing because we will be heading to Italy after two days and I want no tantrums." The playfulness was gone and his tone reflected more of an order of which Anahita was not used to.

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