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Chills went down my spine when the cold air of Sokovia hit the back of my neck. The winter was cold and the small apartment me and my sister were living in wasn't protected to it at all. I fumbled up into a ball as I pulled up the 3 blankets that covered my body up to my head just to get woken up by Anastasia seconds later.

"It's graduation day." Anastasia mumbled, her Sokovian accent thick like our mother's. "Like I care." I responded. Anastasia and I were half Americans because our father was a native of the United States. That's why we spoke English to each other most of the times. So we shouldn't be forgetting where we're also from.

There was a difference between me and my sister though, our accents. Her accent was more Sokovian than mine as I was always closer to dad than she was, picking up his accent along the way.

I looked up to see the twinkling hazel brown eyes of Anastasia. It reminded me of mother's eyes, they were just as beautiful and peaceful as hers and I smiled. I looked down to see her wrapped up in a fuzzy red sweater and a black coat with gloves and a red scarf to cover her up more. That's how cold it was.

I got up and bend down to underneath my bed where all my clothes were. Why use a closet when you have place enough underneath your bed?

I picked up my black sweater and black coat and put it over my clothes I was sleeping in. I was in all black, that was kind of my thing while Anastasia liked to strut around with her colorful patterns.


"Аnastasia Angeloff!" Olga, the principal yelled out making my sister stand up proudly and make her way to the tribune where she was handed over her diploma and the mic. Everyone had exactly 10 seconds to say something into it before heading back to their seats.

"Ib boli skvelé roky. Ďakujem ti." It were great years, thank u. Classic. Ana headed back to sit back into her seat. Her feet lifting up and down from excitement as she held her diploma tightly to her chest. She smiled widely at me when my name was called out. I stood up anxiously and made my way to the tribune deciding if I should talk to every senior and their family in the audience or not.

Olga gave me my diploma and cocked up an eyebrow like she was asking 'do you want the mic?' I nod my head and glanced over to my sister who gave me a thumbs up.

I cleared my throat and smiled.

"To boli najhoršie roky, ak môj život. Nasávaj mi zadek."

These were the worst years of my life. Suck my ass.

The crowd exchanged shocked words with each other and looked at each other before their attention turned back to me.

"Miss Angeloff!" Olga yelled out but I ignored her as I made my way out. Giving a sly wink at Ana and she smirked back. I did that. My famous last words in high school on graduation day were; 'suck my ass'

I've never been so proud of myself.


Hours went by and Ana still hasn't let anything hear from herself. Maybe she was drinking at the bar, maybe she was out with friends. Who knew?

My phone started ringing and I picked up on the voice of Ana. "I found a job." She said almost slurring her words. That girl was drunk. And also fired yesterday. "Who are you with?" I asked, my voice more sternly than expected.

"Oksana and Werner." She commented followed by shattered glass on the background. "Are you coming home tonight or staying with them?" "Actually," her words were almost impossible to hear due the music on the background and the fact that she was still slurring, "I'm going to work. Well, pshh, I'm actually going to run some tests to see if I'm capable of working there with Werner."

"Werner who?" "Von Strucker." She replied before hanging up and I sighed.

Who knew that would be the last time I would hear of my sister.

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